Feb 4, 2017

Premios Feroz 2017

Premios Feroz in Spain 

1. Natalia de Molina
in Carolina  Herrera
The actress looks VA VA WOW in this curve enhance white dress. Love the purple touches with the clutch and the ring.

2. Barbara Lennie
in Chanel 
Nice to see this dress again (previously worn by Emma Stone) it's so delicate and magical. Barbara looks STUNNING in this dress.

3. Barbara Santa Cruz
in Ana Locking
Something fun and flirty LOVE IT. The actress looks like she's ready to have lots of fun in this cute lil number.

4. Paula Echevarria
in Dolores Promesa Heaven
Pure GLAM and glitz is Paula in this BEAUTIFUL strapless dress. She looks so elegant and beautiful.

5. Andrea del Rio
Modern and classy is what Andrea looks in this red hot dress paired with sexy red lip. Love the retro hair too.

6. Ana Castillo
in Elisabetta Franchi
STUNNING is how Ana looks in this striped look. 

7. Leticia Dolera
in Saint Laurent
Another actress joining the pantsuit wagon. Leticia looks modern and sophiticated in this Bird printed suit.

8. Ruth Diaz
in Fernando Claro
Is a velvet afternoon for Ruth who looks so ELEGANT in this gorgeous dress. 

9. Leonor Watling
in Victoria
Simple and CHIC was Leonor motto and she looked AMAZING.

10. Vanessa Romero 
in Andrew Gn
A romantic and soft look for Vanessa in this delicate long sleeve dress. Love this sweet look.


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