May 22, 2016

Cannes Film Festival 2016 (day 9)


1. Lea Seydoux
in Louis Vuitton
Lea looked DIVINE in this beautiful modern Queen Amidala style dress. She's great in LV and even though is somewhat modern gallactic style she looks really elegant.

2. SoKo
in Gucci
What a GORGEOUS edgy styler has SoKo turned out to be. She looked amazing in this modern and stylish dress.

3. Ariane Labed
in Chanel
A simple black and white look goes a long way. I like this easy elegant look Ariane has. 

4. Marion Cotillard
in J.W. Anderson
Marion Cotillard challenges every fashion stereotype. She arrived in this mix of tux and vintage style. I love her and her edgyness. She's so elegant and beautiful.

5. Lea Seydoux
in Louis Vuitton
This woman and color red are a GREAT match. She looked STUNNING in this look with red accents on the shoes, nail and lips.

6. SoKo
in Gucci
SoKo has a lot of fun with fashion and it shows. She wore this funky lace suit combined with a leopard button down shirt and I think she rocked in this. It suited her personality and it added flavor to the red carpet. 

7. Marion Cotillard
in Dior Haute Couture
There were not many looks for day 9 so I added up this one even though I don't like it that much. I think Marion is a more edgy fashionista than this and the dress simply doesn't have anything I like. This is too Dior a la Lawrence.

8. SoKo
in Giamba
This may be a little too much for some but in SoKo I don't mind and I even like it. I also think it was refreshing to see a look like this at Cannes.


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