May 16, 2016

Cannes Film Festival 2016 (day 3)


1. Cheryl Cole
in Naeem Khan

Cheryl looked STUNNING in this gorgeous and colorful heart neckline gown. So great and refreshing for Cannes.

2. Blake Lively
in Giambattista Valli
She's got the cape and the zebra print shoes, WATCH OUT. I adore this sweet and CHIC look by Blake at Cannes. She's so FAB and stylish this is so cool and cute.

3. Diala Makki
in Georges Obeika
What a match of colors is Diala serving up at Cannes. I like this dress so much and I think I so different from what we've been seeing. 

4. Blake Lively 
in Vivienne Westwood
Blake has a BEAUTIFUL Princess moment and she deserved one. Some think this is too princessy, but if your going to have a Princess moment on the red carpet, what's better than Cannes.

5. Aishwarya Rai
in Ali Younes Couture
Show stopper QUEEN Aishwarya arrived at Cannes. The dress is STUNNING but what's winning is the baby bump and the blue eye shadow. GO GIRL!!!

6. Juliette Binoche 
in Giorgio Armani
Elegance and delicacy meet and make this great picture perfect look for Binoche. She looks AMAZING in this sophisticated look.

7. Lily Rose Depp 
in Chanel
Cool, it girl Lily made an appereance at Cannes and she looked FAB and CHIC. She paired a relaxed look with some FAB red heels.

8. Rebecca Hall
in Tome
The actress looked modern and chic at Cannes. I want to see more stunning looks from her.

9. SoKo
in Chloe
French actress looked very girly and vintage chic in this lace and paste color dress. I love this look so much SPRING FEVER going on.

10. Lily Rose Depp (Chanel)
SoKo (Giambattista Valli)
Lily once again BEAUTIFUL in a young and refreshing look very appropiate for her and her age. SoKo looked STUNNING with an edgy vibe and also a glam vintage style.


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