Feb 29, 2016

Oscars 2016

Crème de la Crème

1. Cate Blanchett
in Giorgio Armani
YES! When I saw Cate Blanchett in this spring fever soft blue dress, I was alive again. After a long evening of dissapointing dresses Cate once again took my breath away. She was FLAWLESS like always. I mean she truly dressed like what she is an Oscar winner and nominee. This is GLAM ladies, this is how you shut down a red carpet. After Cate everything else was that; everything else. Do I have to say BEST DRESSED OF THE NIGHT? 

2. Naomi Watts
in Giorgio Armani
Naomi BLEW ME AWAY. Not even a nominee and she shows up and steals the spotlight. Of course she's a red carpet veteran but OH MY GOD!!! How GORGEOUS is that dress? She really nailed this metallic look with a modern ombrè shade. She really saved the night for me with this STUNNING look. 

3. Olivia Wilde
in Valentino
VA VA WOW. I love Olivia in this sexy goddess dress. She looked so ethereal and elegant. Not many can look elegant in that huge cleavage. She was fluid with the dress and powerfull with that choker necklace. I really liked this one too. I have to say her hair and make up were A+. 

4. Saoirse Ronan 
in Calvin Klein
This was an important night for Saoirse Ronan and even though she did not go over the top with her look, I liked this dress and look for her. The metallic emerald green dress was BEAUTIFUL on her and she looked refreshing and modern. The hair and make up were STUNNING too. I would have never guessed this dress for her though. 

5. Priyanka Chopra
in Zuhair Murad
Priyanka looked GORGEOUS in this white princess dress. She looked so delicate and elegant. I really liked this on her is more laid back than her usuall looks and that's somehow refreshing. 

6. Margot Robbie
in Tom Ford
I wasn't expecting this gold surprise from Robbie. She looked different and so BEAUTIFUL. She reminds me of Michelle Pfiffer in this I don't know why. So classy and so well fitted. The little velvet clutch was a cute detail too. 

7. Lady Gaga 
in Brandon Maxwell
Some people didn't like Gaga's choice for the Oscars. Well I loved it. I think she was better than most nominees and she managed to balance her edgy style with the GLAM that the night required. I think she and Brandon Maxwell are a FLAWLESS team. 

8. Julianne Moore
in Chanel
The starlet looked AMAZING in this GORGEOUS black dress. I really liked this dress in the multicolor runway print presentation, but I gotta say the print wasn't that elegant as this black one is. Loved the beautiful hoop earrings she choose to go with this look. 

9. Sofia Vergara
in Marchesa
Pure elegance was Sofia in this GORGEOUS dress. I have never seen her in a dress like this and I loved it. She really surprised me in this look. But I gotta say HANDS DOWN to her make up and hair team; BEAUTIFUL

10. Olivia Munn
in Stella McCartney
A juicy appeareance was made by Olivia in this simple and CHIC orange dress paired with an orange lip. I like the simplicity of this elegant look. 

We're Half Way There

1. Charlize Theron
in Christian Dior
She was really close to make it to my top 10 list, but the straps and long necklace kinda seem awkward when put together. I seriously don't like the straps of the dress. Sorry. 

2. Brie Larson
in Gucci
Very close but not there yet. I actually don't love the dress I don't think this was the best choice for her. I do love the color on her is STUNNING. The hair deparment was off too. 

3. Jennifer Garner
in Versace
Neck up STUNNING, neck down a lot of fabric and a little boring. I would have love to see her in something WOW factor. But this is just kinda plain. 

4. Heidi Klum
in Versace
The only thing keeping me from putting this fairytale dress in the best dressed category is the lack of effort in hair and make up department. 

5. Jennifer Lawrence
in Christian Dior
Can we file for a Dior divorce already? I mean I don't see how this dress is flattering on her at all. Neck up is GORGEOUS. But this dress is ugly, I'm sorry but is just not working for me. I would love to see her in Elie Saab or Zuhair Murad someday. 

We are never ever ever getting back together
(I'm kidding)

1. Rooney Mara
in Givenchy
This look is very beautiful but I have seen her in this a million times. Haven't I? Sorry but this Rooney look is getting boring. 

2. Alicia Vikander 
in Louis Vuitton
When I saw Alicia in this I felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I was so excited to see her in the red carpet and she showed up in this dress. I was truly dissapointed. The dress is not ugly and she does look GORGEOUS. But I feel this wasn't Oscar GLAM. Also it didn't felt like her style.

3. Rachel McAdams 
in August Getty
OK, I don't like the dress at all. And it's wrinkled. It's loose like it's to big for her and is just not happening. I hate this look.

4. Kate Winslet
in Ralph Lauren
So what should I say? This looks like a plastic bag. I love Kate and I love when she wears curve hugging dresses. I needed that for her last night. But this dress is not working for her or anyone.

5. Daisy Ridley
in Chanel
I get it she wasn't nominated and she was there to enjoy herself. But this is too underwhelmed for the Oscars. I love this Chanel dress but it's too simple for the event I think she missed a great chance to WOW everyone. 

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