Dec 29, 2015

Best Dressed Celebrities of 2015


50. Gwyneth Paltrow
"Bringing Chic Back"
Gwyneth brought her fashion A game back this 2015. She finally decided to color some styles outside her usuall lines and it was WORTH IT! She may not have been the most consistent or the WOW factor of 2015 but she really stepped up her game. Look at her in Ralph and Russo couture pink pale dress GORGEOUS. And her third look the Gucci dress is STUNNING as well. 

49. Emmy Rossum 
"Drama Queen"
In a few appearences Emmy managed to bring some DRAMA and of course STYLE to the red carpets. She's one of my fave fashionistas and we cannot deny she has impecable style. My personal favorite the third look in Donna Karan

48. Salma Hayek
"Playful Style"
Mrs. Hayek has had an interesting 2015 full of some bold and daring looks. She has been having major Gucci looks moments that take our breath away. And she was a vision in Alexander McQueen white dress at this years Golden Globes.  

47. Camilla Belle
"Feminine Vibes"
No stranger to my best dressed list Camilla keeps captivating my attention by her continuous GREAT STYLE. I love her sense of fashion and she really looks effortless and comfortable. My fave Carolina Herrera flower printed gown. 

46. Emily Ratajowski
"It year"
This 2015 was a great year for Emily and she proved it in the red carpets and fashion runways. I love her evolving style. She didn't stuck on the "I'm hotter than you dress style" and she has evolve in a great way. I ADORE that yellow dress and her purple jumpsuit look is her best. 

45. Gabrielle Union
"Whole new level"
This was the year that Gabrielle convince me she DESERVED to be on my list of Best Dressed. I loved her looks in 2015 so modern and chic and always changing. Love her purple dress at the Met Gala. 

44. Solange Knowles
"Taste the Rainbow"
I like Solange's style way more than Beyonce, I have never liked Queen B style. This girl is a box of surprises you'll never what, how and what color she'll wear. LOVE HER BOLD AND BRIGHT SPIRIT. 

43. Kate Hudson
"Sexy Style"
She always manages to make it to the list and so right to be on it. This girl has an INSANE STYLE. Look at her in that GORGEOUS body hugging white dress and the jumpsuit look. PERFECTION

42. Kerry Washington
"Style Veteran"
It's been kind off a low key year for Kerry but she still looked FABULOUS this 2015. She always take some risks but they work for her. My personal favorite this year for Kerry is her metallic silver STUNNING Marc Jacobs dress. 

41. Charlize Theron
"All I see is YELLOW"
So STYLISH, so refined and delicate, Charlize is STUNNING in her red carpet appeareances. I love the elegant air she has. Of course my fave look is that BEAUTIFUL Dior yellow dress. 

40. Natalie Portman
"May the style be with YOU"
To me this 2015 has been Natalie Portman best dressed year so far. I'm really hoping she continues this path on 2016. I really liked most of her looks and even though she sticked to Dior brand in most of them I did find it suited her greatly. 

39. Reese Witherspoon
"No Prints Allowed"
Reese has continuosly proven she knows what suits her. She knows what works for her body and she sticks to it. Some might find it boring but I think she looks really good in this style, very elegant and classy. I don't think I would like Reese in edgy/daring risky looks. 

38. Alexa Chung
"Girls just wanna have FUN"
I love Alexa Chungs sense of style. She's like a mix of edgy and girly. She really knows how to deliver a great look and steal all the looks. I gotta admit that she really surprised me when she appeared in that STUNNING Valentino dress.

37. Lizzy Caplan
"Out of the shell"
This 2015 Lizzy stepped it up and owned every look. Her style is very peculiar and I gotta say I like it, A LOT. The printed dresses were a KNOCKOUT I mean she looked STUNNING. I'm hoping to see a lot more of her in 2016. 

36. Karlie Kloss
"Role Model"
This girl doesn't mess around with fashion. In 2015 Karlie proved she's here to stay and look as CHIC as she can. I loved her in that black and white Tom Ford dress and how GORGEOUS in that blue Oscar de la Renta

35. Gigi Hadid
"Breakthrough Model"
The new it model was everywhere this 2015 and she looked AMAZING. I think Gigi is making a name of her own in the fashion industry and we'll here so much more about her. I loved her gold jumpsuit and I think that was her best look this year. 

34. Allison Williams
"Mrs. Stylish"
Even though Allison was a little low key this year I couldn't let her out of this list. She's so IMPECABLE in every look. I really loved her red Armani dress in the Golden Globes but HANDS DOWN to that GORGEOUS yellow Altuzarra look. 

33. Olivia Palermo
"Go Big or Go Home"
Do I need to say more. She's Olivia Palermo of course she'll be in this list. In every year she has been a constant fave dressed of mine and 2015 was not the exception. I loved her Valentino tulled dress look it was JAW DROPPING and that delicate and romantic Marchesa off the shoulder dress was STUNNING aswell. 

32. Olivia Wilde
"League of her own"
Olivia dresses for her and nobody else she isn't looking approval from no one and I LIKE THAT. She looks comfortable and like she is having FUN with it. I liked all her looks this year and she was so consistent and so stylish can't wait for 2016. 

31. Jennifer Lawrence
"White Queen"
Jennifer looked GORGEOUS this 2015 and almost all her looks in killer white dresses. Even though she was faithful to her brand endorsement Dior she dare to go to the dark side in a BEAUTIFUL black sheer Schiaparelli dress. 

30. Alicia Vikander
"Minimalist Princess"
In 2015 a minimalist fashionista arise in the world of fashion. The one and only Alicia Vikander looked STUNNING this year in some great minimalist looks. She's got endorsement deals with Louis Vuitton but she did not limit herself to the brand and I loved that. I think we're gonna see so much more from Alicia in 2016. BTW the first look is my fave and she's wearing Valentino

29. Kristen Stewart
2015 has proven to be a very good year for Kristen Stweart's wardrobe. She has arised like a BEAUTIFUL and fearless fashionista. I love her partnership with Chanel and she looked stunning. But she was fearless this year look at her in Zuhair Murad embellished romper DIVINE.  

28. Kendall Jenner
"Taking the Throne"
The Kardashian throne no longer belongs to Kim; it's KENDALL the new queen B of the fam. She has had an AMAZING 2015 on the runway and off it too. She has been in every red carpet, every event, in all designers, the girl was on fire and let's remember she has an A+++ street style. I love the look in the middle so vintage and classic wearing Ulyana Sergeenko Couture

27. Zendaya
If someone had lots of fun with fashion in this 2015 it was definetley Zendaya. It was crazy to see her always changing looks. No one could ever predict what she'll wear or what style she'll go with. I love her bold and edgy look she really comits and owns every look. My personal fave that third look in Thakoon GORGEOUS

26. Lily James 
"Cinderella Class"
Who doesn't want to be Cinderella? I mean common; I'll do it if I get to wear all the BEAUTIFUL dresses Lily got to wore. She literally became a princess at every red carpet this year. She was BREATH TAKING. My fave is the second look wearing Elie Saab

25. Hailee Steinfeld
This girl is on my list every time on and on. I can't believe she's only 19 (yes I googled it). She has a great style and she nails every look, every time. I love all three of the looks shown down below. The first is a Stella McCartney dress just GORGEOUS; the print, the color everything looks perfect. The second look is also Stella McCartney and she was so sleek and elegant. The third one is just AMAZING and modern in Dior. 

24. Janelle Monae
"Master of the cape"
The singer really surprised me in 2015 with her AMAZING and stylish looks. She was between the big hat trend and the cape dress trend. I really loved her commitment and impecable taste. Can't wait for her fashion choices in 2016. 

23. Poppy Delevingne
"The right dress"
Poppy managed to find the perfect dresses for her entire 2015. Every time she stepped out she was in a FLAWLESS and stylish dress. I feel this 2015 was one of her best fashion years. 

22. Cate Blanchett
Cate came as strong as 2014 she still was on fire this 2015. I was so AMAZED by her Givenchy modern gold dress it looked PERFECT. And look at her in that white Giorgio Armani suit. 

21. Maggie Gyllenhaal
"Modern + Vintage"
I really like Maggie Gyllenhaal's style she has such an elegant and cool style. I love she mixes the feminine style with that quirky side of her. I'm still in love with that look in the middle from Oscar de la Renta

20. Michelle Monaghan
"Under the Radar"
To some Michelle might not caught their attention, but this 2015 I was paying attention and she blew me away. She has GREAT style and she is really consistent too. I love her effortless choices and she really looked BEAUTIFUL this 2015. Look at her at the Golden Globes this year in that green Jason Wu slip on dress AMAZING

19. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
"The Right Fit"
Rosie looked STUNNING like every year. The main surprise to me was that pink girlie Gucci dress in the middle. LOVED IT!!! 

18. Marion Cotillard
"Tres Chic"
The beautiful actress looked TRES CHIC in 2015. Even though she wore mostly Dior she still shinned her way through the year. Even though I love her in Dior my favorite is that first look in green Jean Paul Gaultier dress. 

17. Jaime King
"Definition of Chic"
Jaime King was as FAB as always this 2015. She proved prego or not she has IMPECABLE style and she doesn't like the comfort zone. Look at her in the middle look pregnant and in Dior GORGEOUS look. 

16. Jessica Chastain
"Red Heads have more FUN"
In the past years Jessica has been having great major fashion moments and 2015 was not the exception. She's elegant and classy and I love her in BEAUTIFUL gowns. My fave of course is the third look that black Elie Saab dress with those emerald green earrings. 

15. Carey Mulligan
"Improvement +++" 
Carey hasn't always been very consistent in fashion but I find she really made improvement in 2015. I love she dare to try new things this year and she definetley looked refreshing. I was STUNNED by her printed Gucci dress look (first one). 

14. Emma Stone
If someone proved her originality this 2015 in fashion it was Emma. She looked so modern and refreshing in each look. And all her looks were so different and stylish. I love that about her she tries new things and her style is always evolving. My fave Elie Saab lemon color dress at the Oscars. 

13. Jena Malone
"Can't get you outta my head"
Jena Malone was one of my very favorites this year she was so edgy and refreshing. I love her in Ulyana Sergeenko like her looks 1 and 3 below and how BEAUTIFUL did she looked in that blushing pink Gauri & Nainika dress in the middle. 

12. Jenna Dewan
"Best Dressed Wife"
Jenna dedicated herself in 2015 to be the best dressed wife. She was at every event with her husband and she looked INCREDIBLE. I loved her in Zuhair Murad white dress and jumpsuit STUNNING

11. Amber Heard
"Let me entertain you"
Head to toes PERFECTION that was 2015 for Amber. She looked AMAZING and she wasn't afraid to stand out from the crowd. I love all three of the looks below but that red Emilio Pucci dress ufff STUNNING

10. Naomie Harris
It was a good year for Naomie specially her Spectre promo tour. She was FLAWLESS in that tour in every look. I think she is one of the best dressed actresses ever. Really loved that Stella McCartney orange column dress PERFECTION

9. Rachel Weisz
"Bring IT ON"
After a few years in the low radar Rachel was KILLING IT this 2015. I loved her style and her refreshing wardrobe choices. My very fave was the middle look in Marc Jacobs, I think it was so STUNNING. But I can't deny that I love that red Armani dress too. 

8. Julianne Moore
"This is ELEGANCE"
She was FLAWLESS in 2014 and she continued that path in 2015. So elegant and refined Moore brought everything she had to the fashion game. I love that third look in Armani Prive

7. Naomi Watts
"Ruffles and Feathers"
Naomi is one of my fave because she's always reinventing herself. You can never predict what she'll wear but you know is gonna be AWESOME. When I saw her in that ruffled Balmain dress I was so AMAZED beacuse she looks STUNNING. But to top that look at her in the 3rd look wearing Elie Saab feathered dress at Cannes. LOVE HER STYLE.

6. Emily Blunt
"To die for"
With some promo tours, award nominations and more Emily made her 2015 a very fashionable one. I love she doesn't stick to one style or designer. My fave out of this 3 is that 3rd look in Prada metallic dress STUNNING. 

5. Elizabeth Banks
"Hard Work Pays Off"
One of my fave she doesn't let me down and in 2015 she was FABULOUS. I love her style she isn't afraid to try new things and she always stands out. Im in love with that first look in Elie Saab GORGEOUS. That second look Dolce & Gabanna in Venice Film Festival was also BEAUTIFUL and the Dolce & Gabanna striped dress was STUNNING. 

4. Lea Seydoux
"Femme Fatale"
One of the newest bond girls looked very sexy and STYLISH this year. I love her Miu Miu parade it was what she wore all year long. I do wish to see her in something else than Miu Miu but this year it worked. My fave the yellow dress ABSOLUTLEY BEAUTIFUL

3. Diane Kruger
"Painting outside the lines"
Diane Kruger is my fave one out of all EVER. I love everything she wears and her always changing style. She takes risks and that's what pays off. I love that blue stylish look from Monique Lhullier and she stole everyones attention at Venice in that black and white Oscar de la Renta dress GORGEOUS

2. Dakota Johnson
"Fifty Stylish looks"
She started the year with promo tour of her hit movie and she hasn't stop. I loved her in white Yves Saint Laurent, that red Saint Laurent dress and to knock it out of the park that STUNNING Gucci mustard dress. 

1. Sienna Miller
Finally the best dressed of this year in my list is no other than Sienna Miller. I loved Sienna Miller this 2015. She was RECKLESS and BEAUTIFUL. In Gucci, Armani, Valentino, Marc Jacobs you name it, she ROCKED every designer and she was everywhere. Her style IMPECABLE from head to toes. No much more to say she was my favorite this year. Take a look below of my very fave Sienna Miller fashion moments this year!!!

SEE YOU IN 2016!!!

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