Nov 2, 2015

Fashion Special: Spectre Movie Promo Tour

Best Looks: 

1. Lea Seydoux
in Miu Miu
The actress opened the tour in this elegant and different style for her. I love she went for such a GORGEOUS suit option. 

2. Naomie Harris
in Christian Dior
The actress steals the spotlight in this mod and CHIC look. I love her versatility in fashion. She's been having major red carpet appereances. 

3. Lea Seydoux
in Prada
Lea has her shinniest moment in this BEAUTIFUL golden dress. I mean she doesn't get any better than this. I loved this look. STUNNING

4. Monica Bellucci
in Ralph & Russo
The actress was sexier than ever in this velvet dress. I loved how she did her hair for the look and she was VA VA WOW

5. Naomie Harris
in Stella McCartney
She couldn't leave without a great and colorful look, and this one was that. I love the contrast of the dress with her GORGEOUS skin tone. She was STUNNING

6. Rachel Weisz
in Alexander McQueen
Such a shame that the actress didn't walk the red carpet in this BEAUTIFUL floral dress with a matching clutch. She was a STUNNER in this nothing to envy to the bond girls. 

7. Lea Seydoux
in Miu Miu
The actress made another show stopping appeareance in this winter wonderland dress. I love the colors and the structure of the dress. Her hair was different it was sleek and I loved the change. 

8. Naomie Harris
in Ralph Lauren
OK. Everyone leave this is the best look of the SPECTRE TOUR. This past collection of RL caught my eye and I was waiting for someone to take the first step and wear one. I was not dissapointed. STUNNING!!!

9. Lea Seydoux
in Miu Miu
The actress has a delicate and very feminine moment in this BEAUTIFUL dress. It was so delightful to see her in this. 

10. Naomie Harris
in Valentino
She never stops surprising, a change of direction and Naomie delivered a sheer magical dress very different from the other looks. GORGEOUS. 

11. Naomie Harris
in Michael Kors
She just doesn't stop. Golden ombre style long sleeve dress? CHECK. I love this dress on Naomie she looks PERFECT. I think is save to say that Naomie was my fave from all the bond girls fashion looks. 

12. Naomie Harris 
in Altuzarra
I don't know why this picture of Naomie on this GORGEOUS mustard outfit with colorful sandals was not on every fashion media but it should've. She looks STUNNING to say the least. I'm so in love with this outfit. 

13. Naomie Harris 
in Lanvin 
Ok, the message is clear: Move out Lupita, Naomie is here to rock all colors too. WOW she looks STUNNING in this green dress. I love she picked this dress and how well she styled it with those GORGEOUS sandals. 

14. Lea Seydoux
in Miu Miu
Lea brought full on DRAMA and sex appeal with this BEAUTIFUL red dress. Her hair and make up to die for. And that slit was STUNNING

15. Stephanie Sigman
in Armani Prive
Another one to put the red carpet on fire was Stephanie Sigman who looked FLAWLESS in this beautiful red dress. She was STUNNING

16. Naomie Harris 
in Balmain
The actress kept delivering EXQUISITE looks this time she went for a braid one shoulder gown. This wouldn't look as classy on other people but on Naomie is full class and grace. 

17. Naomie Harris 
in Roksanda
The actress continued her tour in this intriguing and modern dress. I love this even as odd as it is. She really made this work for me. 

18. Naomie Harris 
in Burberry
In a BEAUTIFUL flower detail red dress Naomie stole everyones looks. She was so PERFECT in the Spectre tour. 

Lea Seydoux
in Miu Miu
The actress was the BEST Miu Miu fashion ambassador she once again demostrates it in this BEAUTIFUL LBD

Lea Seydoux 
in Prada
WOW what a tour has been for both Lea and Naomie. STUNNERS, Lea looked AMAZING in this white gorgeous dress. 


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