Jan 24, 2015

Top Looks of the Week

Best Dressed Celebs of the week January 18-24, 2015.

1. Jennifer Connelly 
"Bad Ass"
Jennifer Connelly looks AMAZING in this "bad-ass" looking Louis Vuitton outfit. I love her style she always looks great. 

2. Chloe Grace-Moretz 
"Golden Star"
Like always Chloe manages to perefectly dress for her age. This time she wore this cute gold Valentino mini dress and she looks amazing. 

3. Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth looks stunning in this elegant Lanvin dress. I love the simplicity of the dress it suits her and she looks flawless. 

4. Anne Hathaway
"Sexy Tux"
Anne looks so cute and elegant in this tux outfit. I love her hair and make up but the elegant vibe she has it's AMAZING. 

5. Julianne Moore
"Everyday Sparkling"
In another sparkling outfit the gorgeous red head shines her way this time in a cute long sleeve Chanel dress. I love her she's such a stylish woman and always trying new things like her hair in a cute bun. 

6. Gigi Hadid
"One shoulder Goddess"
To receive "model of the year" award at the LA Fashion Awards the stunning bombshell look amazing in her one shoulder Calvin Klein dress. The color looks stunning on her. 

7. Katie Holmes
"A la mode Chic"
I have to say Katie is starting 2015 with power and very good fashion choices. I loved her at the Golden Globes and now she steps out in this look, AMAZING. This has to be one of my favorite Katie Holmes looks EVER. 

8. Nicole Richie
"Pinky Head"
Another day and another hair color for Nicole Richie this time she's thinking PINK. I love her style and this Alfredo Villalba mesh dress looks amazing on Nicole. 

9. Amber Heard
"Suitable Wife to Be"
Amber looks so sexy and stylish in this black suit from Ralph Lauren. I love her messy hair, the fresh face and that SUIT. 

10. Poppy Delevingne
The long black jumpsuit? Poppy looks DIVINE in this cute and sexy Osman jumpsuit. Her hair is to die for and her style is flawless. 

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