Dec 31, 2014

Top 50 Best Dressed Celebrities of 2014

It was very hard for me to narrow down the BEST DRESSED list to only 50, mainly because this year was a very fierce one for fashion industry. I mean celebs were rocking the best clothes ever. I can hardly say one celeb gone wrong with clothes in 2014. So I just picked my most consistent and fashionable stand out ladies to make my TOP 50 Best Dressed List of 2014. Happy New Year. 

50. Camilla Belle
"Classic Style"
Camilla stayed true to her classic old hollywood style in 2014. She looked amazing in every outfit she wore this year from Dior to Gucci, Max Mara and Elie Saab you name it she rocked in 2014 old hollywood style. 

49. Hailee Steinfeld
My beautiful Hailee made last years best dressed list and here she's again. She's having a great transition fashion moment from quirky teenage outfits to more lady like and grown outfits. I think she's an amazing girl turning into a great woman. Can't wait for 2015. 

48. Cara Delevingne
"Iconic Model"
At such a young age and short carreer Cara has already position herself as an icon of the fashion industry. The past years she has stayed on top of fashion outfits, this 2014 was no exception. She looked stunning wearing mostly Burberry and the amazing look at the MET Gala Ball in Stella McCartney. 

47. Jessica Pare
"Retro Lady Style"
Jessica looked incredible this year, the Mad Men star stepped it up in fashion and made some amazing choices regarding her wardrobe. She has a retro elegance vibe that doesn't let her pass unnoticed it showed this 2014. 

46. Jamie Chung
"Fashion Pro"
Jamie is no stranger in my best dressed celebs list, she has gotten better and better and she knows what works for her and her petite body. She really nailed some amazing looks this year, below 3 of my favorites. 

45. Elizabeth Banks
"Hunger for Fashion"
With a billionaire movie franchise and lots of premieres and promo events is not rare that Elizabeth craves extraordinare fashion. She has no fear in wearing risky looks and she also likes color. This year she looked amazing.

44. Zoe Kravitz
"Rebel Child"
I love, love, love the style of Zoe this year she had an amazing breakthrough in movies aka Divergent, and in fashion. I love her effortless stylish vibe. She looked amazing this year and I'm waiting for more in 2015. 

43. Kate Beckinsale
"Gown Goddess"
Kate is a dress goddess, every dress she lends hands on is an instant show stopper. She has had a few quiet years but in 2014 she proved she's still a fashion queen. 

42. Emily Blunt
"Stylish Mama"
The year 2014 gave Emily a baby and a great wardrobe. She has looked amazing non-stop in this year. She has really bring it and I can't wait for her looks in red carpet award season. BRING IT!

41. Chloe Grace-Moretz
"Fashion Muse"
At such a young age Chloe is one of the best dressed actress outthere. She has a really good and elegant-modern style. I love the way she dressed and I believe all her looks are very age appropiate. 

40. Joan Smalls
"Off the Runway Star"
Joan has been busy this 2014, with lots of runways to walk, street style looks and the public events where she look amazing. She's a top model so obviously everything looks amazing in her long and lean body. The girl has style, and she works it. 

39. Karlie Kloss
"All American Model"
Karlie looked amazing even in gym clothes this year. She has had lots of events to attend and she has looked flawless in every single one of them. I love her all american girl style. Go Girl...

38. Toni Garrn
"Glam Gal"
The glam vibe this statuesque model transmits is unbelievable. She's a classic beauty and has a timeless style. I love her looks in 2014 mainly because she carried her clothes with such elegance she could not be ignored. 

37. Elle Fanning
"Fairytale Style"
This was the year of Elle Fanning, she looked amazing like out of a fairytale. With the tour of her Maleficent movie, Fanning got a little style-themed and wore the most gorgeous princessy gowns ever. 

36. Jennifer Lawrence
"Catching Style"
Lawrence continued her gorgeous parade of great outfits in 2014. She of course stayed close to the Dior gowns, but look at her all sexy in Jason Wu velvet dress. I love her style and with that body of hers everything looks good. 

35. Kate Hudson
"Still Strong"
The other gown goddess on my list is Kate Hudson, this girl rocks dresses just like Beckinsale. Her golden glow and her impecable style makes her an all time best dressed celeb. 

34. Alessandra Ambrosio
"Sexiest Angel"
This girl can be sexy and glam and high fashion, I love her versatility in outfits. She really had an amazing 2014, she did incredible outfits at Cannes 2014 and she looked amazing throughout the whole year. 

33. Dianna Agron
"Fashion Babe"
This girl impressed me real time in 2014, she appeared flawless everytime she stepped out. I love her amazing and eclectic style. From Miu Miu vintage pastels looks, to glam fringes and THAT HAIR!!! Gorgeous. 

32. Emmy Rossum
"Darker Times"
Emmy amazed me this year with more dark styles and those smokey eyes that suit her perfectly. She was a street style sweetheart and a sexy vampire at night. LOVE HER STYLE. 

31. Kate Bossworth
Kate delivered amazing style this year, she has developt a great style on the past years and 2014 put her at a higher level. She looks amazing and I can't wait to see her great looks in 2015. 

30. Kate Mara
"Edgyness is in the Fam"
Just like her sister Rooney, Kate has an edgy sense of style except this Mara likes color. She has looked incredible in her 2014 stylish looks. How amazing she looks in the yellow Dior dress and the sparkly Valentino gown. 

29. Miranda Kerr
"Dress the Curves"
Miranda in 2014 had her sexiest year ever. Her curves arrived before her at events and her dress choices were sick SEXY. She's a stunning mama and she looks better than ever.

28. Taylor Schilling
"Taylor is the new FAB"
Since she caught our attention on the Orange is the new black show, Taylor has stepped up her fashion game. She has kept us entertained in the TV and off it too. She looked incredible this year can't wait for Golden Globes 2015. 

27. Marion Cotillard
"From France with STYLE"
Cotillard another Dior girl looked beautiful this 2014, she kept us guessing which Dior dress was she gonna wear next. In Dior or not she has flawless style.

26. Cate Blanchett
"Full Package"
Cate had a great 2014, including winning the Oscar for best actress and lots of red carpet appeareances on the way. She looked AMAZING, first she's not your ordinary best dressed celeb, cause she takes risks and she makes the risk work. 

25. Lily Aldridge
"Flawless Angel"
This year we couldn't leave Lily out of the best dressed list. She looked flawless during the whole year. She's a stunning woman and has such grace in her style. 

24. Suki Waterhouse
"Rising Star"
This year was very good for Suki and we got to see a lot of her and of course her style. She's young and fresh and she has gotten our attention in the past few years. I think we'll see a lot more from this gorgeous brit. 

23. Margot Robbie
"2014 Bombshell"
This blonde beauty caught my attention while she promoted The Wolf of Wall Street and continued the route in award season. She's beautiful and she was super stylish. I mean if any doubts just look at her in Gucci white dress at last years Golden Globes. STUNNING!!!

22. Jessica Chastain
"Class is her middle name"
Always a favorite, Jessica seems not to have bad wardrobe days. She's always so elegant and feminine and even edgy at times. I love her sense of style and plus she's a redhead. My fave is that pink dress in the middle, so lovely. 

21. Kiernan Shipka
"Consistent Fashionista"
A young fashion icon that's what this girl is. Is unbelievable that a such young age Kiernan sticks to such an accurate sense of style. She's so on the right track when it comes to fashion. I love her mini dresses, her retro femme vibe, and colorfull and printed clothes. 

20. Maggie Gyllenhaal
"Quirky Woman"
What a year for the Gyllenhaal clan, both nominated and a long award season ahead. She has had also an amazing fashionable year, looking better than ever and most important true to herself. She hasn't sacrificed her quirky style but she has had amazing and gorgeous choices throughout the year. I love her in gold Valentino and platinum blonde hair. 

19. Nicole Richie
"Gothic Queen"
Nicole is one hell of a fashionista. She's had an important fashion year but also a HAIR COLOR year ala Katy Perry. So many hair colors and so many amazing outfits. I loved her parade of sheerness this year it was awesome. 

18. Rosie Hungtinton-Whiteley
"On Dutty Always"
She's Rosie what else should I say. She's a super stylish model and she likes high fashion style. Check her out in Kill Bill vibes in Balmain striped jumpsuit. GORGEOUS. 

17. Kendall Jenner
"Kardashian No More"
The oldest of the Jenner-Kardashian clan has spread her wings in such style is almost unbelievable. She has had an amazing 2014, walking runway after runway and not only she put herself as the most talked about model of the year she had off runway stylish appearences. She was on fire and doing it on her own. 

16. Nicola Peltz
"New Face"
With Transformers promo tour came Nicola and her gorgeous sense of style. She's kinda off the latest Lupita. She hit the carpets with beautiful outfits like the orange in the middle and many, many more stylish looks. 

15. Selena Gomez
"Sexy Time"
Selena choose this year to raise the sexy bar in her wardrobe and she looked STUNNING. She has moved to a more mature and sexy look and the girl has the curves for it. 

14. Reese Witherspoon
"Always on Style"
Resse needs to publish her youth recipe ASAP. I mean she now looks like her daughter's older sissy. Not only that she has impecable fashion style. Reese doesn't mess around and she doesn't get it wrong. Look after look she's PERFECT.

13. Keira Knightley
"Royal Brit"
This gorgeous brit had a great year in beautiful outfit choices and lots of great dresses. I love her classic beauty and how beautiful she portrays herself. Can't wait for her and her baby bump during the award season. 

12. Naomi Watts
"Timeless Beauty"
Every appearence of this woman is delightful. Her grace and elegance is obvious and that style is to kill for. I love her and her gorgeous face. Isn't what you wear is how you wear it, definetley hit it with her. 

11. Shailene Woodley
"Original Style"
Original, fresh, humble and so stylish that's Shailene and she transmits it. She had a Divergent promo tour year and The Fault in Our Stars and White Bird on a Blizzard so she had a lot of dresses to wear. She looked PHENOMENAL.

10. Lily Collins
"Feminine Style"
Lily is a timeless beauty and she always is very on style and looking good. The 2014 was no exception and she looked as beautiful as always. Look at her in purple ombre Elie Saab dress

9. Michelle Dockery 
"Effortless Elegance"
A pale beauty always so elegant and lady like, I love her style. She definetley always brings her best in fashion and she has had very great looks in this year and in the past. 

8. Emma Watson
"Daring Beauty"
A good year for Emma she looked impecable in every way. With lots of appearences and amazing and classy wardrobe choices she knocked 2014 out. 

7. Blake Lively
"Pre Baby Glam"
The baby mama to be did an amazing year in fashion pre baby bump and now with her bump. At Cannes 2014 Blake steal all the looks with gorgeous looks and also at the Met Gala. 

6. Lupita Nyong'o
"Colorful Year"
Lupita could not be left out the 2014 best dressed list she was amazing. In every color she shinned and all designers craved for her to wear their clothes. How stunning is she in the multi color Chanel dress with blue pumps.

5. Nicole Kidman
"Better than Ever"
Nicole is unbelievebly fashion and elegant. She rocked 2014 in amazing style. I can't wait to see what she'll bring in 2015. 

4. Emma Stone
"Back on Track"
She started 2014 a little off the tracks with her looks, but she quikly recovered and in what way. She was breathtaking in that yellow dress and how gorgeous in Chanel retro indian vibes dress. This was definetley the year of the red heads. 

3. Taylor Swift
"Better than 1989"
She has had an stunning 2014 in gorgeous retro glam gowns but also some sexy looks like the white dress with high slit. She has proven to be a fashionista and not only in red carpets but also as a street styler. 

2. Julianne Moore
"Still Julianne"
What a great year for this amazing woman, and I think is a lot more to come. In fashion this girl was so sick in a super good way. I have to say that her look in Chanel feathered dress is my favorite look of the year, is just so GORGEOUS and FASHIONABLE. She's definetley at her best moment.

1. Diane Kruger
This 2014 I have to give it to my girl Diane head to toes perfection since day one of 2014. So consistent and so impecable. Every dress, every look not a single flaw and always so stylish and fashion forward. 

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Thanks for all the support to my blog in this 2014, may all your wishes come true in the 2015 and have a beautiful and peaceful year. 

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