Dec 16, 2014

Movies Bucket List: Holiday Edition

The Holidays are a great excuse to procrastinate and while I do that I might watch some movies aswell. I'm a huge fan of films every category and genre. I have had a few films on my sight for a while now but I haven't got the time to see them. I have a lot of films I want to see but since this is my first Movies Bucket List post I wanted to keep it cool and I am just gonna put five. My top five movies to see in this mini holidays vacations are; To Write Love on Her Arms, The Disappeareance of Eleanor Rigby, White Bird on a Blizzard, The Judge and The Theory of Everything

1. White Bird in a Blizzard
I mean a sexy thriller plot with Eva Green and Shailene Woodley, count me in. I'm absolutley crazy excited to watch this gem, and I hope it doesn't let me down. Plus Shiloh Fernandez is a first class HOTTIE!!

2. The Theory of Everything
I saw this movie trailer a couple of months ago and I thought OSCARS, specially for Eddie Redmayne who seems to have a flawless performance I definetley can't wait to see this. 

3. The Disappearence 
of Eleanor Rigby
Do I have to say more that Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy are the movie couple? I so ship this two acting together I have a crush on both, love them. Plus seems like a romantic version of Gone Girl. 

4. The Judge
This two Roberts together in a family drama movie YES PLEASE. I love Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall and I think this is gonna be a teary eye movie for some reason. 

5. To Write Love on her Arms
This is a biographical film about a young girls struggle to battle addiction and suicide attemps. I know nothing about this story or the girl but I can't wait to see Kat Dennings on this role I think she's a great actress. 


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