Dec 21, 2014

Golden Globes Nominees 2015

The countdown to Golden Globes 2015 red carpet has already begun. I mean the stylish looks and A listers appeareances on the carpet has outshinned the award ceremony itself. It's all about who's gonna be there and what they'll be wearing. To prepare ourselves for this glamurous night we have 10 nominees from this year and some of their past looks on the Golden Globes. You can see the entire list of nomination here>>>>>>>>CLICK

1. Julianne Moore
"Still Alice"
Julianne is nominated this year for best actress in the movie Still Alice. She has experienced in the red carpet thing cause she's just an amazing actress who gets nominated for most of her work. In 2001 Julianne arrived at the Golden Globes in straight long hair and a gorgeous white almost slip on dress. She looked gorgeous, she's a natural beauty. In 2012 Julianne step the carpet in Chanel Couture and she looked amazing. Is a strapless black dress perfectly paired with emerald green jewels. 2010 Julianne played glam attack in her off the shoulder Balenciaga gray dress paired with green emerald accesories. 

2. Maggie Gyllenhaal
"The Honorable Woman"
Gyllenhaal is nominated for her role in the Tv Movie The Honorable Woman. She is no stranger to the globes or awards season in general. Some of her past looks include amazing looks, and others not that much. First she looks amazing in her mermaid style salmon color Roland Mouret dress. In the second look Maggie goes retro glam in white lace short dress at the 2006 ceremony. In the third look she rocks the carpet in Lanvin animal print one shoulder dress. 

3. Reese Witherspoon
She has already won and this year not only she's one of the faves for the globes but for the Oscar's too. In the past she has rocked the carpet like no one else. In the first she looks seductive and beautiful in her slip on midnight purple dress. Of all her looks this is my fave. The second one is bright and shinny like Elle Woods and she looks stunning. And the third one is perfection she looks gorgeous. 

4. Amy Adams
"Big Eyes"
Another red carpet killer Adams has a few nominations on her back and she came back for more this year. She has amaze us with color block plunging neckline dress, baby bump short dresses and she has also gone all the way with princessy full ball gowns. She's one to watch on this years carpet. 

5. Emma Stone
Let me say she will probably win. So expect a lot from her at the carpet. She has looked amazing everytime she has been at the Globes and I love her style. No metter if she's gonna go as a blonde or a redhead I LOVE HER.

6. Emily Blunt
"Into the Woods"
One hell of a stylish brit, Emily brings always something elegant and refreshing to the carpet. I love seeing her because the girl can dress. I love her past looks and I just can wait to see her in something as elegant as her white body structure dress, and girly like the pink tulle one, but as modern as the gold dress. 

7. Jessica Chastain
"A most violent year"
This girl is amazing, she's redhead, she's super stylish and she's a great actress. What else can we ask? I love all her past looks and I think her body looks amazing in everything, but that black dress, I mean GORGEOUS. Can't wait to see her this 2015

8. Jennifer Aniston
Aniston is a gorgeous woman but she has stick to black and I mean it has work for her. But in the second look is one of the oldest I found and I guess she hadn't started her dark path yet. But she looks adorable, and so young

9. Julianna Margulies
"The Good Wife"
STYLISH as... She looks amazing and more young every year. She has managed to look amazing since her big tulle black dress days till the slit lace era. LOVE HER STYLE.

10. Meryl Streep
"Into the woods"
Let's admitted it wouldn't be the same Golden Globes without Meryl. She's nominated AGAIN. And she has had a very big transformation of style over the past decades. But she always looks super elegant and stylish. 


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