Aug 9, 2014

Beauty Trend: Head Wraps

Going on for a while has been this fashion trend of wearing a wrap, head band, turban or whatever you wanna call it. The trendy hair accesory surely makes a statement a takes an outfit to whole new level. You might think this is a trend exclusively for summer but we saw this in recent Giambattista Valli Fall Couture Runway 2014. So this might be a hot fall trend you will probably want to check out. 

Some celebs have used the trend in the past like Kourtney Kardashian, Eva Mendez and Solange Knowles just to name a few. 
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Up some cute diferent styles and prices wraps you get your hands on. They are very cute stylish and life saviors when you're in a rush, have a bad hair day or didn't have time to wash your hair. 

Let us know will you try this trend?


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