Jul 30, 2014

Fashion Special: Comic Con 2014

This years Comic Con was as good and full of celebs as every other year. The most daring looks and fashion risques are shown at the event and we already have our fave looks of the Comic Con 2014. 

Starting with the daring looks we have Elle Fanning looking adorable and colorful in her mini lace dress with floral details. Nina Dobrev showed a few looks but this Naeem Khan matching set was our fave and paired with those pink pumps it looked amazing. We couldn't resist Jessica Alba in a crop top and full skirt so she had to make the list she looks so sexy and fierce. Also Chloe Grace Moretz looked super cute and comfy in her floral dress and strap sandals. 

Megan Fox also made our list and she looked absolutley perfect in her all black outfit. Natalie Dormer has a extreme hair look but in this cute printed dress she softens her look and she looks very feminine and elegant. The Bates Motel actress Olivia Cooke shows a shocking new look with a bald head that let's her pretty face get all the attention but her outfit caught our eye aswell. And last but not least Sophie Turner AKA "Sansa" from Game of Thrones looked so cool and beautiful in her graphic jumpsuit with so many cute colors we love.


Who were your faves?
Do you agree with our choices?


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