May 29, 2014

Print on Print: Same Pattern

We have been seeing a lot of celebs mixing the prints with all kinds of patterns and we have love it. But we have notice that some of our fave and talented fashionistas have done another thing with the print: unmixed. They use the same pattern on top and bottom of their outfits. 

Some of the celebs examples we have are; Jamie Chung who looks amazing in her little polka dots top and huge polka dots skirt. The eternal trendsetter Diane Kruger looks very cute in her little bows print top and pants and Olivia Palermo using a mix of stripes. They all look great and we love their styles. 

1. Polka Dots
The polka dots are always a very feminine way to use prints. We're taking a huge cue from Jamie on how to do a double polka dot print and not end up looking like a huge mess ourselves. To do that you'll need a small polka dot printed top and bigger polka dot prints skirt. To do this amazing look we have picked a short sleeve small polka dot collar top in black and white. This top is perfect for this look because is a neutral style top you can easily make it casual or elegant. To go with the top we choose a big polka dot printed pencil skirt. The pencil skirt will look perfect and it will make a great balance with the top in style and in the black and white colors. To give this look a pop of color we decided to use a little yellow in the shoes and the bag. 

2. Stripes
Our second inspiration are the stripes like Olivia Palermo did. For this look you have to be careful with the type of stripes and colors you use because they can make you look heavy. To make sure we look nice and fit we picked a horizontal stripe cotton knit dress the cut and style of the dress will make you look nice and lean. To give more definition to your body and waist you can add a belt not to wide between small and medium wide in a dark and solid color. To pair your stripe dress go for a stripe jacket we choose a black and white one with vertical stripes and a very chic and cute jacket style. For the shoes go black and the purse colorblock. 


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