May 6, 2014

Casual Celebs

For the casual celebs this week we have three great and comfy outfits for you to step out in great style just like your fave celebs. We have a nice and comfortable look by Kate Hudson in a very sporty jumpsuit and a denim jacket to balance her outfit. In a more glam casual look we found Jamie Chung who looks incredible with her crop sweater and stripe skirt. Last but not least model Candice Swanepoel who looks very cool and flirty with her mom jeans. 

1. Kate Hudson
"Comfy in Jumpsuits"
This look is great to look chic and pulled together in rush days when you need to throw something on and go. 
To do the casual look of Kate we have a similar one that has the sporty vibe as the one Kate is wearing. Since the jumpsuit is very casual we dress it up a little just like Kate by adding a nice denim jacket that will make your outfit look more put together and chic. To complete the look we used a pair of t strap flats and a beige color handbag. 

2. Jamie Chung
"Stripes and Crop"
Jamie looks very glamed up in this casual style that's great for when you wanna look a little more stylish and modern but still casual and comfy. 
For the chic look Jamie has we have found a crop jumper in grey color that will be perfect for this look. As you can see below is very chic and it looks like it's of a very good quality. To go with the crop jumper we picked a stripe pencil skirt in navy blue and it has a similar lenght to the one Jamie is wearing. To complete the outfit we found an amazing pair of ankle boots in suede and with some cut outs in beige color. 

3. Candice Swanepoel
"Mom Jeans"
In a sweet and sexy look Candice shows us that the mom jeans can be sexy. So after this you might wanna add some mom jeans to your wardrobe. 
For some reason I just love this sweet and simple look that Candice is sporting. To do this look we decided to use a knit crop sweater in soft pink color. To go with this we picked a nice pair of light wash mom jeans from Asos. They are high waisted so the crop top won't show anything in case you have issues with the crop trend. To go with the look we added a pair of gladiator sandals and some cool round shape sunglasses. 

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