Apr 8, 2014

Shoe Trend: The Mule shoe

On the Fashion Trend section we always try to bring the latelest talked about trends and some hints on how to wear them. Today is time to talk about the shoe that has everyone talking the mule shoe. It was on every runway and it's expected to be a huge trend for spring 2014. We have found some expensive mule shoes and some more affordable. Depending on your budget you can choose the perfect mule shoe for you. The versatility of the shoe it's great since it can be wore both casual and elegant. The comfort is something you can also get from this shoe and the variety of colors, textures and designs. 

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1. A casual day in mules
The first outfit we are putting together is the perfect outfit for a casual sunny day or a running errands day looking fab and fashion. First the mule shoe we picked is very casual and comfortable thanks to the wedge and the nude color. We went for some boho meets casual on this look and we pair the shoes with a gorgeous embroidered top that has a boho vibe. To keep the casual vibe we picked some nice light denim boyfriend jeans that rolled up go perfect with the wedge mule shoe. To accesorize we went for sparkly gold details like the belt, earrings and bracelet. 

2. Orange meets the mule shoe
We picked the orange color to go with the mule shoe since it's a very trendy color for both spring and summer season. Since we are going so bright on the dress we decided to pick a black pair of mules to go with this outfit. The mule shoe has a chunky heel and an open toe design. The cute little cami dress is very fresh and flirty we decided to add a floral kimono to put a strong spring statement on the outfit. To accesorize we added a coin necklace and a fringe black purse. 

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