Apr 15, 2014

Fashion Star: Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse has been making a name for herself in the fashion industry for the past years. This girl is beautiful and is a fashionista of first level. Bff's with Cara Delevingne she has also taken the streets by hostage of her own fashion march. 

With that being said is no surprise Suki is our Fashion Star in this edition. We have search through some of her most fashionable looks and we have picked 3 of our favorites to re create so you can march your own runway as fashionable as Suki. 

1. London Chic
As a London chic fashionable woman Suki looks amazing in this great outfit. 
For this chic and cool look we have found some amazing pieces that will help you re create the look. First we foound a high neck black crop top and a brocade print skirt in navy blue. This two pieces are very similar to the ones Suki is wearing. Paired together they will give you that chic vibe she has and also they're elegant pieces of clothing specially the skirt. To continue with the look choose a camel color jacket. We choose a long one with pockets and some black details on the pockets and on the sleeves. You can either use a jacket or a coat and the camel color will go very good with the spring season. To finish the look a pair of pointy shoes low heel or flat and a black floopy hat. 

2. Bubbly Rocker
The stunner model looked rocking chic with a touch of girly pink in this cute and casual outfit. 
To do this look we picked a similar top in lace with flower pattern and also crop but not as crop as the one Suki is wearing. For the pants we used some trousers of imitation leather with the same zipper details Suki's pants have. To continue mixing sweet and rock & roll we top this look with a pink tweed jacket. To finish the look go for some nice chunky black boots and minimal accesories. 

3. Girly, Girl
In a more girly look our fashion star channels her sophisticated self and opts for this glam but modern look. 
This awesome look can be a little hard to achive since you may not find the exact color for the bottom and jacket but that can be fixed in 2 ways; you can use the look without the jacket or you can use a different color for the jacket or the bottoms a neutral preferably. First we have a beautiful and girly collar top in white. The blazer is in relaxed style and is bubble pink aswell as the pants. The pants are quite short and they're scalloped but you can change them if you like for some bermuda style shorts that are so in right now. To complete this look go for some funky white shoes 


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