Mar 5, 2014

Street Style Inspiration

For this Street Style edition instead of getting inspired by a celeb we have chosen some cool looks that were on the streets of the fashion shows for Spring 2014. The three outfits we picked are very cool, comfortable and chic. 

So if you wanna start spring in a fashion foot let's start getting inspired by this amazing looks. The pieces we picked are very affordable so you won't go broke to go fashion. 

1. The "it skirt"
The long skirt with the button down front is gonna be everywhere during spring and summer. If you wanna give this trend a try you can start with this chic and classy look. 
For this chic look we find amazing pieces to look great on the streets. We also picked more casual pieces, so it can be more versatile. You could wear it to school, to the mall, to run errands. The most important thing about the outfit is the front button down skirt. For that we found this denim color, mid lenght skirt that has a very retro and girly vibe. We decided to pair it with a white collar shirt, that will make your look more retro. For the shoes we found a similar pair of sandals instead of black we went for the camel color and they're very affordable. To complete the look find a great pair of sunnies and if you wanna add a little glam to your look a statement necklace under the collar of the shirt. 

2. Cool Stripes
What's not to love about this outfit? It looks incredible for spring even for summer. The monochromatic outfits are a "thing" right now and we are loving them. 
This look is so chic because it gots a very effortless vibe and laid back attitude which I love. It's monochromatic and it's something we have being seeing a lot and I think is a trend that's here to stay for a while. So we didn't exactly pair a monochromatic top and bottom but they have the same stripey print but in different color. The top is crop and it has big stripes in navy blue and white. It's very "budget friendly" and very chic. The bottoms are in a slim and cropped style very elegant with blue and navy stripes. This look put together looks more elegant than the one in the photo. For the shoes we used a quilted style aswell instead of heels we picked some sneakers to downdressed the outfit. And besides sneakers are gonna go with EVERYTHING this season. 

3. Colorful Spring
I absolutley love this fun and cool colorful look. Is very spring ready with the colors and the shorts. It's also something comfortable and chic. 
What's not to love about a fun colorblock outfit, right? This look is very cute and it can be a stand out if you know how to play with the colors. The polka dot and collared top gives you a feminine and elegant touch. We picked a very alike top with polka dots and navy blue tones. To pair the top we choose  a pair of high waisted shorts with some prints that combine very well with the polka dot shirt. For the shoes we went for two tone heel sandals that are very cute and fashionable. The overall look is very fun, flirty and feminine. 

Would you wear any of this outfits?
Which one you liked the most?
Let us know,,, comment!

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