Mar 15, 2014

Casual Celebs

As we usually do for this edition we have searched the net trying to find some nice casual looks to copy from our fave celebs. After doing some clicking we found three interesting looks you might wanna checkout.

We have picked the Jessica Alba's look in a blue printed blazer. The chic rocker look worned by Olivia Wilde and the always stylish Emmy Rossum in stripes and red. We hope you like them and try them on. 

1. Jessica Alba
"Print-y in Blue"
This look is perfect for a daily basis outfit. For work, school, going out to the movies, this is the perfect look. Is very casual but the blazer and the pop of color gives a fun twist to the whole look. 
To copy Jessica's look you'll need a basic white tee, that you may even have already in your closet and paired it with dark wash high waisted jeans like the ones we picked. Now to transformed those simple clothing pieces like Jessica did you'll need a animal printed blazer. We choose a Nordstrom animal print linen blazer very alike to the one Jessica has. To give the blue pop of color to the outfit go for some heel blue shoes like the ones we picked. Another catchy eye thing on Jessica's look is her nice and elegant gold watch. For this we choose a gold chunky strap watch at only $50. 

2. Olivia Munn
"Rocking Spring"
Olivia has become one of my fave celebs and all because of the fashion inspiration she gives me. She's very fashionable and chic. This look is so cool the daisy flower print is very trendy right now so we'll give it a try. 
To achieve a comfortable rocking chic look like Olivia you'll need a nice baby doll style short dress with printed daisy's. The one we choose is very cute and comfortable and short. To go with the dress choose some sheer black tights and an awesome leather jacket in black as well. To complete the look some nice ankle booties and a pair of chic sunglasses. 

3. Emmy Rossum
"Red-y Chic"
Stripes, red, skirt, I love this look. The eternal chic chic, Emmy, looks awesome in this outfit the pop of red on a black and white outfit is super cute. 
For this chic casual look we have picked a long sleeve stripe top in black and white. For the skirt we have a very alike find is a black eyelet skirt very comfortable and casual,perfect for your everyday outfits. The look wouldn't be complete if we don't add some red accesories. So we choose a nice pair of suede flats in red. The crossbody bag and the pair of sunglasses are also in red to keep the essence of Emmy's look.


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