Feb 26, 2014

Test Dose: Miles Teller

Miles Teller is our Test Dose of this edition you might ask why, cause he's freaking HOT that's why. The young actor has been making some noise lately and has caught the attetion of many, including the female attention. From movies like Footloose, Project X, The Spectacular Now, 21 and over and That Awkward Moment, this guy is here to stay and we are lucky he is.

He reminds me of Elvis Presley



-Born in Pennsylvania on February 20, 1987 (27 years)

-He's 6' tall

-Has co star with Shailene Woodley on The Spectacular Now & the        upcoming Divergent trilogy. 

-Earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tisch School of the Arts in New    York University. 

-Recently cast as Mr. Fantastic in the upcoming movie The Fantastic  Four.

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