Feb 14, 2014

Fashion Special: Russian Fashion Pack

Oh fashion one of the pleasures in life and for some the heart beat of their life's. We often see and are attracted by celebrities fashion style primary the Hollywood A listers. Sometimes we fall for some models or socialites sense of style and money, money we don't have to spend but they do. For quite a time someone has caught my eye in the fashion world. Her name is Miroslava Duma she's been known for a time now but I didn't know about her until recently. I did my research got to see her awesome edgy and confident looks I fell in love with her style right away. But this just gets better she's russian and she has a gang, or a pack. Something similar to what Alan from The Hangover has, he has the Wolf Pack she has the Russian Fashion Pack. So intrigue by this I decided to do my research and write this Fashion Special about them. 

The Russian Fashion Pack is composed by the leader the great and petite Miroslava Duma. Some say great perfume comes in small bottle they certainly hit it with Duma. A small woman with great vision and style. She was the former Harper's Baazar Russia editor and she's now a freelance writer and street style fashionista. She brings a modern twist in street style with high fashion and expensive pieces combined with youngfull and fun pieces. The woman is fashion from head to toes and she wears her clothes with such confidence that makes you wonder "who's that girl?"
Above Miroslava Duma

Another member of the pack is russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko. She has a very peculiar sense of style and a billionare husband to fulfill her greatest fashion fantasies. Most of her looks are mature and sophisticated very ellaborated and she's got a certain retro vibe very elegant and lady like. Her designs are also very exquisite and they have a very elegant touch this woman has certainly great class. 
Designer Ulyana Sergeenko

What's a fashion pack without a stylist? Luckily for the russian pack they have Anya Ziourova a stylist that has worked with Vogue US and editions for China and Japan. Her style is simpler if you compare her with Duma or Ulyana but she has a great sense of style aswell. To describe her style I can say is kind off like business meets casual. She's got that effortless vibe style we all wish we had.
Anya Ziourova 

Another important member of the pack is Vika Gazinskaya, another fashion designer a new and young one. This member is well known for her unique hair style that she balances with great sense of style. She's very unique in her fashion sense from unconventional prints to rare necklaces this girl is a gem to the pack. 
Vika Gazinskaya 

Elena Perminova a former model and now a stylish mom is also member of the pack. She has a thing for fashion and also for older billionaire men. She's got edgy sometimes quirky sense of style isn't afraid to try trends risky trends. She's apparently the most accesorized female of the pack from weird hats and caps to quirky sunglasses and chunky necklaces. She also has a tendency to show her long and beautiful legs. 
Elena Perminova above

Last but not least the most known from the pack the international russian model Natalia Vodianova. She's the most conventional one in her fashion and style choices. She's well known in the model industry and well paid. 
Natalia Vodianova

What can we say to end this Fashion Special? 
Well for me I can say that this girls are great they're having fun and they're looking great while they do it. Fashion is a great art to express yourself, to complete your personality and who you are. Dare to be you and show it to the world as they do. To end some photos of their styles. Check it out!!!

1. Miroslava Duma
"Master of Disguise"

2. Ulyana Sergeenko
"Classic Tale"

3. Anya Ziourova
"Simple Effort"

4. Vika Gazinskaya
"Unique Vision"

5. Elena Perminova
"Playful is more"

6. Natalia Vodianova
"Model Behaviour"


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