Feb 1, 2014

Celebs Fashion on the Street

This week we have great trends on our edition of Celebs Fashion on the Streets. The celebs that are going to be featured are Kourtney Kardashian in a trendy mini skirt, Jessica Alba in a gorgeous and chic jumpsuit and Scarlett Johansson in crop top and printed skirt. 

We like the three looks they're all very fashionable and trendy. So we are gonna try to remake the looks and find great options and more affodarble pieces so you can copy this amazing looks. 

1. Kourtney Kardashian
"Zip it up"
Kourt looks very glamourous in her chic outfit and we just couldn't let pass this inspirational look. This look is all about the right pieces of clothing since she has very little accesories except for those big sunglasses. 

For the chic look we wanted to find a great printed shirt that looked similar to hers. We found this very alike and affordable Mango printed chiffon shirt that would go perfectly with this look. For the skirt we picked a faux leather skirt with zipper details. The skirt is budget friendly aswell and it will work to copy Kourtney's look. For the shoes we stick to Kourtney's selection and we choose pointy heels in black. For the accesories oversized sunglasses, fringe clutch and small earrings. 

2. Jessica Alba
"White + Jumpsuit"
There is something about jumpsuits that we just love. But Jessica Alba in a jumpsuit and white blazer is just amazing and so chic. This woman has been giving us non stop fashion outfits and she runs her own company, is married and has two little girls. How she does it?

For this amazing look we need a nice look alike jumpsuit and the right accesories to give the look that effortlesly stylish vibe Jessica has. For the jumpsuit we picked a satin v neck piece very cute and elegant. The we choose a white elegant blazer that will make the outfit stand out as Jessica's does. We picked white shoes with black toe cap that'll make you look more elegant. The clutch is beautiful also in black and white. To finish your look a nice necklace with triangle details. 

3. Scarlett Johansson
"Crop and T straps"
Looking beautiful as always Scarlett manages to bring refreshing trends and look elegant. Her crop top with barely see skin paired with cute and modern printed skirt makes her look young and fresh. She balances her outfit by wearing more classic t strap shoes. 

To copy Scarlett's style we have picked a nice black crop top with long sleeves aswell. We think long sleeves could do it for a night look for a day look you could change it and make it a crop top with no sleeves or short sleeves. The printed skirt we found is Calvin Klein's and is very flattering and cute. To finish this look pick some t strap shoes with closed toes not open toe it would kill the look and some nice and simple jewelery like a pair of earrings and some rings. 


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