Feb 6, 2014

Casual Celebs

These are our casual celebrities inspiration for today's casual looks. 
First we have Gabrielle Union in a very chic casual look with suede knee high boots and leather jacket. We also have Kiernan Shipka in a very cool and colorful outfit very spring ready. And also Reese Witherspoon taking her inner motorider out for a walk. 

1. Gabrielle Union
"Fit for a Chic"
Chic from head to toes Gabrielle owns the street walk looking fab and chic. 
For the look of Gabrielle the most important items are the right jacket and the pair of boots. So we went and search for this look a nice leather similar jacket and we found a very chic quilted faux leather jacket. This jacket is very affordable but is very elegant and gives you that glam look we wanna do like Gabrielle. You'll pair the jacket with a nice pair of dark wash denims that are fit. The boots we picked are suede brown knee high boots without heel very comfortable for day wear. 

2. Kiernan Shipka
"Floral Flow"
As Kiernan grows it also grows our obsession for her style. She looks fresh, young and very stylish. 
Kiernan is growing up so fast and beautifully we just can't get enough. In this feels like spring outfit Kiernan looks very young and fresh and also stylish. The right skirt is what we need for this look and we have found this full skater floral print skirt very alike to what Kiernan is wearing. To do her look pair with a nice long sleeved top in black and some nice over the ankle booties. 

3. Reese Witherspoon
"Daughter of Anarchy?"
Reese doesn't stop surprising us with all her cool mom looks. This stylish look is great on her. 
The always stylish mother of three looks like a biker chic in her stylish yet badass outfit. She's looking like she's ready to take the road in her right ankle buckle booties that we have also put the link for them below. First we choose a faux leather bomber jacket very affordable and exact to what this look needs. Then we have found an almost identical booties from Forever 21 they really look alike and it will made your look so much more interesting. 


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