Jan 27, 2014

Top Looks of the Week

1. Lady Gaga
"Sea Star"
The monster mom looks amazing in this elegant and golden gown. Very unusuall to see her in this non outrageous look. 

2. Emma Roberts
"Cut me in b&w"
Pretty girl in black and white that's Emma. She looks so chic and pretty with her cut out dress straps

3. Maria Menounos
"It's all about the braid"
Maria looks awesome as always for her dark outfit she goes for a more fun and casual hair do and elegant white pumps. 

4. Keira Knightley
"Classic beauty"
Keira never dissapoints when it comes to fashion she's flawless.

5. Abbie Cornish
"White Star"
White and hot that describes Abbie's dress. She looks stunning. LOVE this look!!!

6. Zooey Deschanel
"Polka dot"
It's the retro girl Zooey looking retro in her polka dot dress. She has a very nice and cute sense of style. 

7. Adriana Lima
"The Queen"
If anyone can pull off a v neck and a high slit all in one dress is this hot girl Adriana. She looks stunning and very, very sexy. 

8. Karolina Kurkova
"Be Gold"
Golden and beautiful that's how Karolina looks in her golden and gorgeous gown. 

9. Carrie Underwood
Chic and simple that's how country sweatheart looks like. She has made a fashion name for herself looking very chic and fab everytime she goes out. 

10. Naomi Campbell
Looking good in her silver spots all over her dress. A more conservative Naomi than what we are used to, but it definetley works. 

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