Dec 5, 2013

Street Style Star: Rihanna

Rihanna may be controversial a little crazy and all but when it comes to her music and her fashion she always brings us something fresh and unique. She really express herself through everything she does and her clothes reveal that.

For this edition of Street Style we pick Rihanna for her variable looks and edgy style. We have choosen some very fashion and diferent looks. 

1. Combat Girl

Rihanna has been known for wearing a lot of camo print in this outfit she is spotted wearing a varsity jacket camo printed paired with dark wash denim jeans. For this look we have used a black tank top just a traditionat one with a pair of slim straight dark wash jeans. For the jacket we picked the same one Rihanna is wearing is not that expensive as you think. The shoes we went for some cool high sneakers in black and for accesories the black and yellow beanie. 

2. White Out

Talking about being eclectic from Combat Girl to blonde and in an all white outfit just with gold details. This is very chic and classy looks like a very clean and modern fresh scholar look. For this look we have picked a crop top tank in white to pair it with a nice white skirt. To top this a classic blazer in white we picked one of only one button. The shoes are in gold aswell as the accesories. 

3. Classy Crop

In a more classic and elegant look we find Rihanna in a high waisted dark pants and a tiny bandage top using a button white shirt as coverup. For this look we choose a faux leather crop top very chic and we paired it with some high waisted casual pants. To accesorize use a button down white shirt open as a cover up for your look and some strappy design sandals. 

4. Clubbing

I am absoloutley in love with this look. It looks so fun and comfortable like to go out and dance the whole night. For this look we have picked a TopShop metallic foil tee very alike to the one Rihanna is wearing. The pants are just some boyfriend denim distress jeans relax and comfortable. For the shoes we went for flats instead of heels to make it more comfortable we choose cutout flat shoes in silver metallic color. 


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