Dec 14, 2013

Best Dressed Celebs of 2013

Our List of the TOP 20!

#20. Heidi Klum
"Still Got It" 

The recently turned 40 model has managed to stay in the business for a long time now. She has left her modeling days behind her dedicating herself to her kids and her fashion reality show Project Runway. In 2013 Heidi proof that even though she isn't modeling anymore she still has her fashion senses intact. Go girl! Below some of her 2013 looks. 

#19. Gwyneth Paltrow
"All American Girl" 

Gwyneth Paltrow has had an amazing 2013 in the fashion side. She left us with our jaws drop more than once this year and continues to look like the girl we fell for in the 90's. We have name her the "All American Girl" proving she has a very american sense of style. 

#18. Kate Hudson
"Gown Stunner"

Those hippie days are behind or at least out of the carpets, Kate Hudson hasn't done many movies in the past years but we gotta thank her for all the gorgeous carpet looks she gave us in 2013. She has been name the "Gown Stunner" since she has managed to rock every gown in 2013. I mean her body is to die for and all gowns she wears with a lot of elegance and style. 

#17. Blake Lively
"Fashion Wife"

Bye, bye Gossip Girl hello Mrs. Reynolds we don't know how are things in the marriage of Blake Lively, but what we do know is since she got married her closet got interesting. In 2013 Blake left those GG days behind her and brought us some nice fashion looks more mature, sophisticated, and elegant. We hope to see more of these in 2014. 

#16. Nicole Richie
"Go Bold or Go Boho"

Nicole Richie prooved in 2013 she's a experienced fashionista and she likes to take riskes. From boho looks, to soft and elegant, to rock punk dramatic looks Nicole has prooved she's comitted to fashion 100%. Her looks were amazing and we love her risky side aswell. Keep 'em coming Nicole. 

#15. Olivia Munn
"Sexiest of them All"

Olivia Munn has had a great 2013 full of fashion and style. This sexy actress had taken her sexy side for a walk and we really enjoyed it. From classic sexy looks to daring and more revealing clothes Olivia looked amazing every step of the way of this year. We can't wait to see her in 2014. 

#14. Kourtney Kardashian
"Fave Kardashian"

The oldest of the clan and mother of two has shown that fashion really is her thing. Kourtney really step it up in this 2013 and gave us the favorite looks from the Kardashian family. She has really good taste not only in boys (Scott Disick) but also in clothes. We have named her "Fave Kardashian"

#13. Kiernan Shipka
"A little Vintage never killed nobody"

The Mad Men actress is our youngest member of the list. Her sweet style picks made her captivate our attention. She's very into fashion we can tell from her fashion choices. She dresses in a very cute vintage way and very age appropiate. She has brought very girlie, colorful and fun outfits. 

#12. Cara Delevingne
"Model Bahaviour"

Cara has had a couple of great years in her career. In 2013 she kept making noise and giving us a very tasteful sight in the magazines and event carpets. Her fashion sense is very unique and she always manages to put her signature in her outfits. 

#11. Hailee Steinfeld
"Quirky is the new Black"

Hailee has grown in front of our eyes and so has her style. The young actress likes to have fun while dressing up and it shows. Her quirky sense of style makes her unique and eye catching like her red dress shown below. We really like her and we hope to enjoy more of her beautiful quirkyness in 2014.

#10. Kate Bosworth
"Hipster Meets Classy"

The blonde has taken hipster style to a new level showing her hipster meets classy side like we have named her. From hipster looks on the streets to classy elegant outfits on the carpets Kate has teach us a thing or two about fashion this year. 

#9. Emmy Rossum
"Girliest of them All"

Emmy Rossum has had an amazing transformation in the last years. Her fashion sense has level up very high and that is shown in this past year. From beautiful casual outfits while running errands to classy and chic gowns Emmy has rocked the looks always looking very feminine and elegant. She's our "Girliest of them All" celeb and we can't wait for her 2014. 

#8. Diane Kruger
"Fashion Chameleon"

Kruger is one of my favorites celebs/fashionista so she had to be on the list and she really did good this year. Her always changing looks make her a fashion chameleon. She always surprises us with new interesting looks. We like it, we love it because we don't know what to expect from her. She's just as good as it gets. 

#7. Lily Collins
"Goth Twist"

Where do we start? From her brows to her bold looks our gothic fashion girl has looked flawless every step of the way. Her edgy bold looks are very refreshing. She's like a pretty well dressed Marilyn Manson. We love her style and we want more from her cause we can't get enough. We bet she will have a very interesting 2014. 

#6. Jessica Alba
"Business Meets Casual"

The gorgeous mother of two has left her actress career to run her business and her fashion. That's when her two worlds collide and we have named her business meets casual celeb. From her daily business outfits to her carpet stunner style Jessica Alba definetly earned her spot on the list. 

#5. Allison Williams
The best "GIRL"

The young actress featured in the HBO series GIRLS is definetley outshinning her costars in the most stylish way. She proved that 2013 was her year to come through as a best dressed celeb. She really pulled a lot of amazing looks off and looked like a godess on the carpet events. We are hopefully waiting Allison's fashion in 2014.

#4. Ashley Madekwe
"Classic meets Modern"

This girl had us amazed with her fashion sense and style from subtle and simple style to bold and risky she managed to pulled them all off. In one year she challenged her inner fashionista and she did it great. We are waiting for her looks in 2014. 

#3. Jamie Chung
"Celeb gone Fashionista"

Our beautiful Mulan from the hit series Once Upon a Time, has become a fashionista. Jamie has been giving us some of the most amazing looks from 2013 looking beautiful every step of the way. From everyday simple outfits to stylish and elegant looks. 

#2. Miranda Kerr
"Queen of the Streets"

With Orlando or without him this precious girl didn't stop her stylish looks that she managed to bring to her own runway the streets of NYC. Miranda took the streets in 2013 as her own personal runway and continued giving us the best looks. This sexy mama is definetley no more an angel but she sure looks like one. 

#1. Olivia Palermo

It was a tough year full of great looks and celebs that left their all in the fashion battles. Some of them didn't make it to the list because if we were gonna put them all it would be like a 100 best dressed celebs. It was tough but we picked one best dressed celeb for this 2013. Our number one is no other than Olivia Palermo. This girl knows fashion definetley and she has giving her all in the 2013 year. With every look she challenges herself and comes better and better everyday. We hope that Olivia Palermo's 2014 is as fashion or more than 2013. 

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