Nov 12, 2013

Top Looks of the Week

We have been a lil busy this past week and we couldn't publish on sunday the top looks of the week. But we couldn't let that pass so a lil delay but here we have it. The top looks of the past week they were really awesome to let them pass. 

1. Kate Beckinsale
 "Glamour girl"
The always glamorous and the QUEEN of gowns makes another stunning appearence in a metallic baby blue gown. 

2. Gwyneth Paltrow 
"Not an Ordinary girl"
With a very authentic and beautiful dress Gwyneth looks her best.

3. Kate Hudson
"Golden Girl"
Looking absolutley gorgeous another fave from the carpets makes her golden appearence. 

4. Selena Gomez 
"Not that girl anymore"
Making clear she's a grown single woman Selena jaw drops in a sexy cut out dress.

5. Lily Collins 
"Like Oriental silk"
Looking beautiful and stylish as always Lily wears a silk cami/dress and red pucker. 

6. Jennifer Garner
"Snow White"
Following the broken rule of no white after memorial day Jen makes a turn heads appearence in an all white gown. BEAUTIFUL!

7. Jaimie Alexander 
In a black see through dress the actress looks sexier than ever. 

8. Jessica Biel 
"Black and white and Gorgeous"
Strapless over the knee dress in black and white really SUITS Mrs. Timberlake!

9. Nicole Richie 
"DRAMA Queen" 
In another dramatic and awesome look Richie takes goth and fashion mixed! Results pretty awesome. 

10. Kat Dennings
"RED-y to be SEXIER"
Can she be more sexy? We hope not. Kat va va vooms in this gorgeous dress. 

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