Nov 15, 2013

Fifty Shades Cast: Meet Anastasia and Christian

Since we found out that Mr. Biker Charlie Hunnam quit 50 Shades and that Jamie Dornan is on boat to take the lead I pesonally have felt a lil disappointed about how 

First of all the actors do not resemblance exactly what we picture about the leading characters and second with all the drama surrounding the movie and the bad choices I don't see a succesful production coming out of this. Thank God I read the books and didn't wait for the movie that is now scheduled for 2015.

With that being said the magazine Enterteinment Weekly has launch the exclusive of how will Christian and Anastasia will look on the movie. Some nice candids of the Dakota Johnson with darker hair and juvenile clothes; alongside co star Jamie Dornan with a nice and clean shave. 

Here you have it the modern Romeo & Juliet!

This is how they would look! What do you think? 

The Cover of Enterteinment Weekley 

Joining recently 50 Shades cast is Luke Grimes from True Blood he has been cast to play Elliot Grey Christian's brother. Take a look:

Another guy joining team 50 is actor Victor Rasuk who will play Jose Rodriguez Ana's friend. Victor is from Dominican descent and is known from the TV series of How to make it in America.

And last but not least Jennifer Ehle as Ana's mother Carla May. 

And News Flash the cast keeps getting bigger since we have found out theres a face for Kate Kavanagh it's actress Eloise Mumford! She's been in a few movies like So Undercover alongside Miley Cyrus. 

What do you think of her as Kate?

Anastasia's best friend 

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