Nov 28, 2013

Casual Celebs

This weeks casual ladies feature Kylie Jenner, Olivia Munn and Olivia Palermo. All very casual and fashionable on the streets. This looks are perfect for us to get inspired and hit the streets as fashion as our favorite celebs. 

1. Kylie Jenner
"Cool rocking Chic"
Our little Jenner and the youngest from the Kardashian clan is growing way too fast and she's doing it looking great. 

For the Kylie rocking look all we need are some basic clothing pieces that you may even find in your closet. First we are gonna use a basic white tee which many of you may have if you don't have one, hurry and buy one is a very essential piece of clothing for every fashionista so do a lil Christmas shopping list and add it. Then you'll need a nice grey sweatshirt we picked one from American Eagle at a very affordable price. The sweatshirt goes on top of the white tee. For the bottoms use cozy black leggings in a long lenght and go for ankle booties in black color. We choose to accesorize in gold but you could do it in silver if you like it more that way

2. Olivia Munn
"green girl"
The starlet looks divalicious on the streets in this casual and chic ensemble. 

Olivia Munn has proved she has a great fashion sense. On the red carpet or out of it she always looks amazing and fashionable. This look is another prove of it. For this look we have picked very similar pieces if you wanna recreate her look for yourself. First we picked a similar stripe dress with the same lenght in a navy color. Then we choose a green leather jacket similar to hers in color and style it has the side zipper and the short lenght. To finish the look some nice and stylish wedge booties in navy to match the dress. 

3. Olivia Palermo
"Colorful Day"
Olivia was on a NYC photoshoot looking great and giving us a very cute and chic fashion inspiration. 

This colorful look of Olivia Palermo looks great for the up coming holiday festivities. Very chic and elegant and still FUN! So the coat is reallt great and all but what happens if we don't have the sufficient money to buy a coat like that well we have to be CREATIVE. Instead of using a super expensive coat like that we picked a less expensive one from Neiman Marcus at $278. To give the outfit that edgy look of the stripe colors we choose a nice printed scarf instead very creative and unique you can paired it with different printed scarves and look as great as Olivia does. To accesorize we choose neutral beige color for shoes and accesories.  


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