Oct 26, 2013

Top Looks of the Week

This top looks of this week are sizzling HOT! Theres a lot of hot celebs and a lot of RED aswell. This are our top looks ENJOY! 

1. Alessandra Ambrossio 
"A Hole lot of RED"

2. Camilla Belle
 "Colorfully Beautiful"

3. Emmy Rossum 
"I'm Feeling REDlectric tonight"

4. Kate Beckinsale 
"Queen of HEARTS"

5. Miley Cyrus 
"Diamond in the Sky"

6. Natalie Portman 
"Most beautiful flower"

7. Naya Rivera 
"Perfectly white" 

8. Olivia Munn 
"Ombre Rocks"

9. Reese Whiterspoon 
"Simplistic Perfection"

10. Victoria Beckham 
"Modern Chic"

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