Oct 11, 2013

Top Looks of the Week

Our top looks of the week are getting better and better and harder to pick since this celebs are looking better by second. Know a days celebs are really stepping up and bringing fashion to the plate which we love! 

For this week we have beautiful ladies like Charlize Theron who's no stranger to looking PERFECTION and she does again in a great white dress. Kerry Washington is also on the list no stranger to fashion either she knows her fabrics. And also Sandra Bullock who has demonstrate her great taste through the years but had a great pair of gams hidden for a while and at 49 she got them out for some air and she's looking FAB!

1. Charlize Theron "LWD modern twist"
From a beautiful face to a gorg dress and a nice pair of kilometrical legs with awesome shoes Charlize is def looking GORGEOUS. 

2. Michelle Dockery "Print me modern"
This print is strange I'll admit it but somehow Michelle manages to carry it with such elegance that characterizes her that she makes the dress look great on her. 

3. Emma Roberts "the triangle"
Emma looks great with this dress and that triangle brings some fresh and new detail to crop dresses. The white definetley does justice to her. 

4. Kerry Washington "Polka Gold"
This dress is absolutley beautiful and Kerry really knows how to rock clothes as she does with this one. And the shoes are to die for really great. 

5. Hailee Steinfeld "Growing in stripes"
Hailee is our new Juliet so sweet and beautiful, but in fashion this Juliet likes to take riskes and it suits her. This girl is growing to be a fashion icon on Hollywood. 

6. Sandra Bullock Gams
Hello everyone just look Sandra's legs and yes she's 49. Thank you that's all I'm jealous. OMG! 

7. Diane Kruger Bra/dress
This girl likes fashion and risky fashion but this dress is just looking so pretty on her. I don't think anyone could pulled this like her without looking trashy or hoochy. Love it!

8. Chloe Grace Moretz Carrie's On
On the premiere of her movie Carrie Chloe looks great and beautiful very age appropriate. 

9. Kate Mara White out
The other Mara sister is screaming "IM FASHION TOO" since her sista has been the only one aknowledge for fashion (Roonie Mara) she's taking a few steps ahead and looking great. I like her style aswell. 

10. Lucy Liu Angel in black
This Charlie angel is looking great and better than ever or same I don't think she ages. Lucy we love you and you look FAB.

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