Oct 6, 2013

Testosterone Dose 1st Edition: Harry Styles

We have decided that not everything in a girl's life is fashion, there's also BOYS, hot boys. So figuring this out we've decided to do a new edition on the blog called: Testosterone Dose and this is our first edition. 

For our 1st edition we've pick a charmer, with name, accent, nationality and hotness of a royal prince: Harry Styles. This guy along with four other hotties forms the band of the moment One Direction. They've traveled the world and fainted thousends of girls, boys and mothers with their music and looks.  

So why is Harry our 1st hottie test dose? Simple just watch him smile, those beautiful pearly white teeth and those sexy dimples melt any girl including Taylor Swift, Cara Delevigne among others. Yes ladies this charm/bad boy has spread the love with a few senoritas and we predict he'll continue. 

So tell us what do you think of Harry Styles? Is he worth to be called the hottie test dose of the day? Do you find him attractive? Comment! 

Some pics just to remind you the boy has grown up! HOT, HOT, HOT!

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