Oct 25, 2013

Test Dose: Alex Pettyfer

Let's just put it out there ALEX PETTYFER IS PRETTY MUCH HOT, HOT! Yes ladies he's our test dose for this week and very well deserve. Born in the 1990's in England this british piece of hotness has had a quite sucessful career. Some of the movies you may recall from this hottie include: Beastly, I am Number Four and whatelse you know it Magic Mike! 

As far as we know this brit hottie is single! YEY! But some of his past flames include co star Dianna Agron and Riley Keough. 

Fun Facts: 
#1. birthname- Alexander Richard Pettyfer
#2. Born- April 10 1990 (ARIES) 
#3. Height- 5'11"
#4. Up coming movie- Endless Love (2014) 

He could have been a great Christian Grey in 50 shades. Don't ya think?!?!

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