Oct 4, 2013

Celebs Fashion on the Streets

For today's edition of Celebs Fashion on the Streets we have and incredible group of 4 gorgeous ladies with great taste and sense of fashion. 

For the first time in our blog we are featuring Khloe Kardashian with a very nice fashion ensemble in black and white. We also have one of our favorites fashionista Ms. Miranda Kerr who continues giving us amazing looks, she can't stop being fabulous. The we have Nikki Reed in an interesting mix of patterns and veteran fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker proving less is more. 

1. Khloe Kardashian 

Despite whatever is happening on Khloe's personal life you can deny she looks awesome in this black and white outfit. Proving she ain't the other Kardashian Khloe steps out and outshines her sister's with this nice outfit. 

To re-do Khloe's look we pick a nice white blouse with lace details in black. We pair it with a nice pair of dressing black pants and black and white pumps with clear details like the ones Khloe is wearing. 

2. Miranda Kerr

My fav girl Miranda proving she's her own competition when it comes to fashion. Every single step she makes is looking F-A-B with her best fabrics. 

For Miranda's look we have picked a very look alike embellished neck crop top. This top is very similar to the one Miranda is wearing. Then we picked a nice pair of printed silk pants with similar structured to the ones she has. To complete the look cobalt color shoes very alike and much more affordable. 

3. Nikki Reed

Nikki looks great in this pattern mix of denim, pop colors and black. This look she really pull it off.

This look is great for a fun night out. First we have the denim jacket in light wash our pick is actually from Target at only $30. Then a sequined tank top in black to pair and contrast the light wash denim. For the pants we went for coated skinny jeans but you could also use faux leather skinnies and it will look good too. 

4. Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP as always looks great. This time proving that less is more, more FAB!

For the FAB look of SJP we picked a grey top and we paired it with a nice pair skinny jeans in dark wash. To complete the look ankle booties in black and the necklace we choose is from ZARA at only $60 very, very beautiful. 


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