Oct 2, 2013

Casual Celebs

For this week casual ladies we have Mrs. Kourtney Kardashian looking very chic and trendy, Michelle Williams simple and cute, Bella Thorne edgy and fresh with her cord romper and Miss Vanessa Hudgens casually chic like always. 

For today we're gonna re create this casual and nice looks inspired by this four great celebs. So if you wanna look awesome like your favorite celebs keep on with us we'll show you how. 

1. Kourtney Kardashian 
ripped/tie-dye look

For Kourts  look we have picked some interesting choice that are very alike to the pieces she used for this look. We used a nice chiffon blouse with pocket details on the front very cute and elegant like the one Kourtney used. This blouse we use is very affordable and you could use it for a lot of looks. For the pants we went for a shorter lenght but the acid wash print is very alike they're also affordable. For the shoes we went for shorter gladiator heels very cute and they're not identical to the ones Kourt is wearing but they will also give you that kind of look she's doing. 

2. Michelle Williams
laid back look

For Michelle Williams look we picked a nice faux leather jacket from GUESS and we paired it with a pleated polka dot top very alike to Michelle's top. We paired this look with nice boots in black and we choose to accesorize with black and gold jewlery.  

3. Bella Thorne
mustard cord

For Bella Thorne look we picked the same mustard overall in cord fabric. To put behind the overall we used a tank top with stripes. To paired we choose high sneakers with studs. To accesorize gold and black. 

4. Vanessa Hudgens 
Camo life

For the Vanessa Hudgens look we found a nice military jacket very alike to hers and much more affordable, to complete the look we also found a nice pair of high gladiator sandals. 

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