Sep 4, 2013

50 Shades of Grey Cast

The cast of 50 Shades of Grey has been finally revealed! For the surprise of most fans the faces of Anastasia and Christian aren't that familiar or expected. The lovely Anastasia would be portrayed by the actress/daughter of Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson/stepdaughter of Antonio Banderas/granddaughter of Tippi Hedren DAKOTA JOHNSON. And Christian Grey is gonna be portrayed by Charlie Hunnam whomever he is. 

After months and months of speculation and fan suggestions and campaigns for their favorite's to be Ana and Christian the cast selection didn't not ended in any Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder or Henry Cavill. Neither did the Ana selections of the fans succeed such like Alexis Bledel, Emma Stone or Emilia Clarke did't got the role of Anastasia. 

It really took me by surprise since she's far, faaarrr away from what I pictured Anastasia would be. For starters she's blonde like very blonde and pictures of her in dark hair don't seem to make her justice. So for the hair I would prefer if they did a light brown for her not a very dark color. My first impression of her is that she resembles too much to another character of the book the best friend of Anastasia: KATE! I don't know how they're gonna play with that but choosing a Kate is gonna be hard since Anastasia already looks like her. This girl Dakota she's tall and she kinda has the body descriptions of Kate so that's gonna be hard to pair her with Ana's best friend Kate. I was hoping for a smaller/shorter actress. Another thing about this choice is that even thought she's young (Dakota) she looks older and Anastasia is the opposite. Im wishing she accomplishes the role and really surprises me but I'm dissapointed of the cast choices specially the physical parts.

This is the closest photo of Dakota that I found online that I can picture her as Anastasia. That's the color of hair I would choose for her in the role not the dark black she looks so awfull in it. See it down:
Dakota in very dark color which I dont like.
Dakota as her normal self. 

For the most anticipated role the Christian Grey character they really blew it for me in that they choose actor Charlie Hunnam which i have never heard of him and looks anything but Christian. He just doen't fit for me it just doesn't. First he looks too old in my opinion his face is not the gorgeous face I was hoping for and the body he needs to weight those muscles down he's too buff. And I have to say it he has a mole in the face!!!! I dont have anything against it and I even find them sexy but my Christian doesn't have a mole in the face. He also reminds me of other characters in the book like Christian brother Elliot or the bodyguard of Grey Jason Taylor. 

 Here some pics of Charlie