Aug 9, 2013

Fashion Special: Runway Inspirations

With the summer passing by so quickly we have to start reinventing ourselves and our style. To start fall with the right foot we have decided to do a fashion inspiration on some of the runway looks for Fall 2013. 

In this edition we're gonna be featuring two looks from Balmain's Pre-Fall Collection 2013 and two looks from Jason Wu from Pre-Fall 2013 and Fall 2013

All of the looks of course are gonna be as much budget friendly as we can do it possible. All photos are provided by the own designers and we downloaded them thanks to VOGUE online magazine.

Photo Credit: Jason Wu & Balmain

1.Balmain Pre-Fall 2013 

This Balmain look from Pre-Fall Collection looks very classic and modern at the same time. We can see that modern prints are still on and harem/baggy/slouchy pants are gonna be staying longer. I'm also liking the gold details, gold is still strong when it comes to accesorizing. 

Photo Credit: Balmain

To do this look we have picked some nice items that resemble the original ones. For the top we choose a black sweatshirt with some gold prints really much like the look Balmain did. For the pants we went for simple black harem pants with pockets they're really versatile and comfortable. In the Balmain look they used mid lenght boots in black, for this look we use ZARA leather sling back ankle boot really modern and it goes well with this look. To accesorize gold details of course like the belt, bracelet and earrings. 

2. Balmain Pre-Fall 2013

This second Balmain look is really amazing and contrasting from the first one. In this one we find the strong pink colors even thought he uses the black and gold details once again. This is a more feminine/modern look. 

Photo Credit: Balmain

To do this look we have choose a nice drapped neckline satin blouse with long sleeves and we think it looks very similar to the one from Balmains look. The jacket we picked it in a floral print it goes well with the blouse. For the bottoms we went for a printed legging with gold details. The ankle boots we choose for this outfit are from Mango at only $80. And of course gold accesories. The accesories of this outfit are really alike to the ones on Balmains look. You should definetly check out the links they're all very affordable. 

3. Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2013

This look is very beautiful and modern very feminine aswell. With red details and a blackout outfit. 

Photo Credit: Jason Wu

To do this look is very easy and affordable because is not a hard outfit to put together. First we picked a nice button down top from Mango. For the pants we went for some simple H&M shorts in black. The shoes are to die for they're Steve Madden only $70 and very similar to the ones in Jason Wu outfit. To accesorize we also go for the gold details in the belt and earrings. 

4. Jason Wu Fall 2013

This Jason Wu look is more edgy and modern almost like he got inspired by Rihanna. A nice top with see through stripes and turtle neck. Paired with printed pants and open toe shoes. 

Photo Credit: Jason Wu 

For this look we went for a turtle neck top and see through in black. We paired it with nice printed trousers from ZARA at only $40. The shoes are open toe in black and accesories in black and gold aswell. 

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