Aug 12, 2013

Best and Worst Dressed: Teen Choice Awards 2013

Teen Choice Awards fashion was a little unbalanced this year people went from great to awful during the carpet appeareances. But we have picked 4 best dressed celebs and 4 worst. 

In our list of best dressed celebs we have four great girls that looked FAB and I think were the best of the best. 

#1. Shay Mitchell
At the top of the list Shay Mitchelle taking jumpsuits at a new and fab level. She looks stunning in this black and white jumpsuit. It fits right and has the perfect amount of skin showing. She has the body to pull this look off. Her shoes are AMAZING! I love the pop of color with those metallic mustard shoes. Last but not least the hair and make up very appropriate for summer. LOVE IT! 

#2. Lucy Hale 
The runner up is cast mate Lucy Hale in another trendy outfit with crop top and high waisted skirt in white. She looks very young and sweet and chic. I really like this outfit on her it suits her and she  was the hostess so I like that she went a lil simpler on the carpet. Her hair was also perfect and I think she picked the right shoes for this outfit. 

#3. Jordin Sparks 
High neck dress, white shoes and stripes? I love that shes wearing all this trends at the same time cause she does it the right way. This dress fits perfect to her body and the shoes match beautiful with the dress. She really does look better than a some of the TEENS. 

#4. Bella Thorne
This print from Bella's outfit was also wear by Lily Collins who's on my worst dressed list; but I do like this print and the way Bella wore it. She did a really elegant and cool look out of this print and matched  it with black. It just look really nice and young. 

This other group of ladies have not impressed me the right way. Let's just say they had a rough or bad night. Let's see my top 4 worst dressed of Teen Choice Awards. 

#1. Abigail Breslin 
This outfit was just not a good choice for Abigail, I mean she's beautiful and young and I don't think this outfit represents that. To start the color selection is boring and does not go with her skin tone. The shape of the dress is to mature and makes her look older and she's just a teen. The outfit overall makes her look like she's in her 30's. The make up was also too mature. There's nothing young and fresh in this look. 

#2. Hailee Steinfeld
This print just makes me go OMFG! WTF! I mean is she a contestant in a Flamenco dance competition other wise burn this dress. I don't even know what to say is just the cut, the pattern, the colors, the make up. I hate this look.  

#3. Lily Collins
Lily should go back to her hairdresser and sued him/her cause that hair do is just NOT. I like her top and her skirt and print. But the reason why shes here and Bella up is her hair, and that skirt high-low is too high and long in the back.

#4. Kerry Washington
Another pattern that is just WRONG. This pattern looks like a first grader ST. Valentines card. Kerry is a very fashionable woman but this time I didn't like her choice. 

Other standout looks:

#1. Miley Cyrus 
I didn't put Miley Cyrus in the worst dressed list cause I really like her skirt I think is AMAZING; and this look was great on the Runway. Even though I don't like this look I think it suits her and her fashion persona it really goes whit her. 

#2. Selena Gomez
This look I dislike it on Selena. The dress is nice thats why I didn't put her in worst dressed but I feel like this dress it was n't for her or her body. This dress is for a curvier body and a more mature woman. I don't like her hair down with this dress either. 

#3. Naya Rivera
This was a very bad choice for Naya I don't like it specially the pants. The shoes are great and I also like the top; but the pants, hair and makeup are just NOT. 

#4. Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev is beautifull almost like a model from VS but this time this print didn't do it for her. Is just an ugly print and the cleavage was too much and it didn't look good. 

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