Jul 23, 2013

Beauty Trend: White Manicure

The white manicure has been going on for a while and as the white shoes it has been a major trend. Something about the white has celebs going crazy for it. Maybe it's because this color looks so much more classic and elegant and looks very chic and at the same time is very unique specially on the nails. For today's beauty trend we have choosen the white manicure and here are some examples:

So our suggestions for the nail polish you'll use to do a white mani are three but really any white polish will work so you just go with the best brand for you or the one brand you really like. 
First we have the essie nail polish this one is about $17-$21 depending where you buy it. The second one is NARS from Nars cosmetics very good brand but it can be a little out of budget this one ranges a price from $19-$22 or $23 it's a little much for only one nail polish but it's a really good brand. The third is Deborah Lippmann that's about $17. 

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