Jul 31, 2013

Fashion Trend: Denim Overalls

Denim overalls have been around for quiet a long time now. We have used them since we were little kids. Now they come in diferent colors, styles, lenghts. This trend has been worn by a lot of celebs such like Alexa Chung, Alessandra Ambrossio, Vanessa Hudgens and Keira Knightley

#1. Alexa Chung 

For the Alexa Chung look we choose a Forever 21 overall denim dress that looks just like hers. To put as a top we choose a TopShop fringe bralet and for the shoes we go for black espadrille wedges. 

#2. Alessandra Ambrossio

Alessandra Ambrossio looks comfortably chic as she runs errands on the streets with her overalls. To do this look we used distressed denim overalls with boyfriend style fit. The top for the inside of the overalls we used a TopShop knitted and crop top. For the shoes we go for a slip on loafer that look great with the overalls. To complete this look we accesorize with an orange extra large purse. 

#3. Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens looks very relaxed in her button down overalls and platform sandals. To do this Vanessa look we choose a $30 Charlotte Russe overall in dark wash denim. To top it we go for a Forever 21 fringe printed top. To complete Vanessa's look we choose a faux leather cap from ASOS. 

#4. Keira Knightley

The recently wed Knightley looks geeky chic in her pair of overalls. We have choosen some similar pieces for you to do this look. For the overall we picked a classic overall from Urban Outfitters. The top we choose a striped one just like Keira's. To finish the look add the Converse tennis shoes in the color you like and you're set. 

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