Jul 21, 2013

Fashion Star: Pippa Middleton

Our Fashion Star pick for today is the almost auntie Pippa Middleton. Pippa may not have had the prince like her sister but she did have something else; A FASHION SENSE & WARDROBE. I mean this girl aint fooling around with clothes and that makes her a FASHION STAR; at least for us and for today. We have picked three of Pippas outfit to give us some fashion inspiration as we always do. 

This look is stunning and Pippa looks smoking HOT on it so this was a must on FS. For this look we choose this amazing stripe dress just like Pippas is a little diferent of course but is as much pretty as the other. This dress we pick is only $40 at JC Penny. For the shoes we went for the same color a nude one and is a braid strap wedge sandal. 

This second look we choose it because is really diferent from what she wears meaning the printed pants. They look awesome and so does she. For this set we decided to use the same pants they're only $180 is not that much for her. But if you're on a low budget you might wanna consider going for a much cheaper pair of pants. 

This look is very summer season you have the knitted dress and a denim jacket it feels very summer likely. For the dress we used a H&M knitted dress at $38 and a light wash denim jacket from TopShop. We also decided to use white shoes like she did.  


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