Jul 19, 2013

Celebs fashion on the Street

For today's Celebs fashion on the streets we have Olivia Munn, Zoe Saldana, Ashlee Simpson and Alyssa Milano. We'll start with the always beautiful Munn. Looking incredible while she walks through NYC on Wednesday this girl is becoming one of our favorites style icons. 

Inspired by the look of Olivia this is our #1 look of the week. We choose a crop lace top from Nordstrom at $36 and we paired it with some nice printed pants. To accesorise we match with a nice polka dot messenger bag. 

Alyssa Milano looks incredible in this outfit a nice satin blouse combined with some dress shorts and black strap pumps. This is our #2 look of inspiration for the week. 

We choose a similar blouse and color as Alyssa and we paired it with high waisted Charlotte Russe shorts at only $20. For the shoes we go for ZARA strappy sandals in black. If you want you can add a nice clutch in a neutral color to go with this outfit. 

Ashlee Simpson looks better than ever in this BOHO-CHIC outfit that is our fashion inspiration #3 for today. In a cute fringe blouse and printed skirt this looks just stunning on her. 

For the top we use the same top that Ashlee is using is a nice fringe blouse from ASOS very affordable and we paired it with a nice similar looking skirt from just $30. For the shoes we go for gold on this Nine West shoes at $50. 

Zoe Saldana is always great and with this outfit inspiration she's no exception. 

Very easy outfit to do just a simple tank top in white and some black skinny jeans. We choose a Los Angeles printed white tank top and some Mango super slim fit jeans at $60. We accesorise with black and some gold jewelry too. 

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