Jul 31, 2013

Fashion Trend: Denim Overalls

Denim overalls have been around for quiet a long time now. We have used them since we were little kids. Now they come in diferent colors, styles, lenghts. This trend has been worn by a lot of celebs such like Alexa Chung, Alessandra Ambrossio, Vanessa Hudgens and Keira Knightley

#1. Alexa Chung 

For the Alexa Chung look we choose a Forever 21 overall denim dress that looks just like hers. To put as a top we choose a TopShop fringe bralet and for the shoes we go for black espadrille wedges. 

#2. Alessandra Ambrossio

Alessandra Ambrossio looks comfortably chic as she runs errands on the streets with her overalls. To do this look we used distressed denim overalls with boyfriend style fit. The top for the inside of the overalls we used a TopShop knitted and crop top. For the shoes we go for a slip on loafer that look great with the overalls. To complete this look we accesorize with an orange extra large purse. 

#3. Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens looks very relaxed in her button down overalls and platform sandals. To do this Vanessa look we choose a $30 Charlotte Russe overall in dark wash denim. To top it we go for a Forever 21 fringe printed top. To complete Vanessa's look we choose a faux leather cap from ASOS. 

#4. Keira Knightley

The recently wed Knightley looks geeky chic in her pair of overalls. We have choosen some similar pieces for you to do this look. For the overall we picked a classic overall from Urban Outfitters. The top we choose a striped one just like Keira's. To finish the look add the Converse tennis shoes in the color you like and you're set. 

Jul 29, 2013

Fashion Special: Stylish Men

Today's fashion special features four of the most stylish men and also hottest. This four gentlemans have a thing for fashion and they know how to work it. We've seen them in red carpets, events, on the streets always looking great. 

#1. Zac Efron
Zac Efron has come a long way since his High School days and has become a handsome and fashionable man with great taste in fashion. To show you we have choosen four of he's styles. The first one is a casual outfit in jeans he gives it a stylish twist with a nice scarf and a leather jacket. To finish he's look a nice pair of aviators. The second look he's at a red carpet event wearing a nice suit also using a scarf. The third look is also a casual look here he brings a nice touch with a burgundy cardigan and a nice pair of boots. The last look is another suit with a great pattern. 

#2. Ryan Reynolds
The second stylish man is Ryan Reynolds. Everything looks great in that gorgs body and this guy shows us that he knows a thing or two about fashion. First look is a casual relax look with a nice pair of sunglasses square pants and converse he pulls this look amazing. The second look is more formal with a nice metallic blue suit and tie that looks amazing. In the third look he pulls another casual look more like a winter casual look with a nice cap and stripe scarf. The last look is another formal with a metallic grey suit in a nice pattern and beige boots. 

#3. David Beckham
David Beckham has been a fashion icon forever he looks great in everything and nothing at the same time. His killer bod and charm personality makes him irresistible. He has maintain a fashion style over the years and gets better with the years. The first look is a nice grey suit with a silk metallic grey tie that looks just perfect on David. Second look is more casual and looks amazingly fashion in a beautiful cream sweater with fit jeans. In his third look he does jeans with a navy blazer and a grey scarf looking like a mega star and a mega hottie. And the fourth look is a nice suit in blak and a with shirt with glossy shoes. What a hot GOD he is.

#4. Ryan Gosling
Our last stylish man is no other than Ryan Gosling. The blondie hottie has been evolving in his carreer and fashion style aswell. Over the years we've seen Ryan develope a great sense of style. On the first look we see Ryan with a great suit in a nice square pattern and velvet shoes. The second look is more relax and casual with a navy blue top and a pair of white pants and the detail black and white shoes. The third look is casual and cool he wears a nice cardigan with a white top and a great pair of dark shades. And last but not least is the blue suit and bow makes him look like a million bucks. 

Casual Celebs

Today's casual celebs are Naomi Watts looking incredible in a nice printed dress with bright yellow wedges. Jennifer Lopez looking very chic and young in some nice red shorts and cute flats. Reese Witherspoon looking elegant and classy in a nice outfit and Eva Longoria in a long stripe skirt looking very summer chic. 

Naomi looks great as she walks down the street in a nice printed dress and some great bright wedges. Is a very nice and well put together look to copy. 

For this look we choose a very similar type of dress from ASOS at a very affordable price. For the shoes we go for the same bright yellow color in a nice high wedge sandal. To accesorise we choose a nice bag, some sunglasses and a nice bracelet. 

For this look we have chosen a nice very similar crop top from Mango is almost the same as the one J.LO is wearing. We also found similar shorts from TopShop they're high waisted lace shorts at a good price. For the shoes we go for GUESS flat sandals in white with metallic accents. 

Hollywoods fashion mama looks better than ever in this nice outfit with a white blouse and tie dye blue skirt. To do this look we have choose a nice button down sleeveless H&M blouse and we paired it with a very similar skirt in tie dye aswell from Macy's. To combine with these we'd go with beige bag and shoes and gold accesories. 

Top Skirt Shoes Bag Necklace Bracelet Sunglasses

The always fashion Eva Longoria rocks a summer outfit very chic and trendy. With a tied front blouse and a long stripe skirt with some wedges and of course cool shades. For this outfit we choose a sleevless blouse from H&M and we paired it with a very similar skirt from ASOS. For the shoes we decided to use TopShop wedge sandals. 

Jul 27, 2013

Fashion Star: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is the Fashion Star of the week looking amazing in most of her looks. She's had a great transition since her Laguna Beach days and she has gotten herself a spot in the fashion world. Most of her fashion is girly girl/lady like outfits is very rare to see her out of that zone. We have chosen some interesting looks for her that we hope you all like. 

The first look we are going to do is the polka dot button down little dress with nice strap wedges and black purse. Lauren looks really good in this look and very chic we must say even though is a very simple look. We have choose a Forever 21 crochet shirtdress with basic collar. This shirtdress has the same cut as Lauren's dress and a similar color. Is also a very affordable dress at only $23. For the shoes we also go for the black wedges with wide front straps they're only $90. 
                                           Dress, Shoes

The second look is the polka dot blouse with the leather bottom which is lil more edgy look for Lauren. We cannot forget the nice pop of color she does with the bag very cute. So we decided to use a polka dot ZARA blouse really nice an elegant for this look. And we paired it with faux leather Mango leggings. To give this look the pop of color we use an oversized envelope clutch in blue just like Lauren.

The third Lauren look is the lady like one with a long navy blue skirt and a nice pair of wedges very feminine and chic. To do this look we have choose a navy blue skirt with a different cut meaning a high/low cut is from Bloomingdales really cute and affordable. We top it with a nice H&M top with some straps really cute. And for the shoes we go for some nude wedges that look awesome. 

The final look is the most interesting since we dont get to see Lauren in tie dyes that often neither in a more casual/relax look. And since we're in summer we decided to include this outfit. First we choose a tie dye short dress in blue from Urban Outfitters. To go with this dress we choose a nice pair of flats in gold from Steve Madden really beautiful. To finish this look a nice cream color bag with gold details. 

Jul 26, 2013

Cheap Outfit

Today's outfit inspiration at a cheap price is a nice and comfortable look very good for summer. We have the printed Forever 21 tank really fresh and comfortable at only $16. We paired it with some nice distressed shorts from H&M at only $31 they match very well with the tank. To complete the look we have choosen some Charlotte Russe cut out oxfords available at $25 very cute and comfortable they really go with the outfit. And we also choose a fringe black purse at $19. The whole outfit at a total cost of $91 is very good is under $100 budget and the pieces look really good put together but you can take advantage of them by separate also. So this outfit you could use to go out on a hot summer afternoon with your friends. 

Cheap Outfit

Jul 25, 2013

Celebs Fashion on the Streets

Our CELEBS FASHION ON THE STREET this week are 4 beautiful & stylish women. The first one is no other than fashion trendsetter model Kate Moss who looks incredible in her front zipper dress with multi color strap sandals. The second one is Oscar nominee actress Jessica Chastain that looks gorgeous everytime she hits the carpets. In this occasion with a nice strapless lace dress in red. For the third look we have Miranda Kerr who has been having her most stylish days since she left the angels; looking beautiful and girly in her floral print dress and fuscia accents. And last but not least Kelly Rowland in an incredible leather skirt and some bold gold details like her gorgeous shoes. 

To do Kate's look we have chosen a nice and more conservative black zipper dress that's also really pretty and affordable $40 at JC Penny. We paired it with similar shoes as the ones Kate is wearing strap sandal and multi color this ones are from GUESS and are at $80. To finish the look a nice studded clutch with gold details as the zippers and a belt to accent your waist like Kate does. 

Jessica Chastain is a classical beauty she's very classic and elegant and that reflects in the way she dresses proof is this look of her with the amazing red lace dress. To recreate Jessica's look we choose this almost same dress from ASOS at only $48. The dress has the same color, style and structure as the one Jessica is wearing. We choose some tan studded ankle strap heels to go with this dress. This look can be used for a romantic dinner, a cocktail night with your friends or if you are invited by any chance to a wedding this will do it. 
Miranda Kerr is the fashion IT GIRL of the moment she's been non stop fashionable on the streets the events carpets you name it. For this look we decided to give it a more casual twist but still with the elements of Miranda's outfit. First we have the floral print dress of $58 at Nastygal and we decided to pair it with some nice studded flats to give it a casual look. 

For the look of Kelly Rowland we choose an ASOS $92 leather skirt and pair it with a nice beige blouse a little loose if you wanna do the tie on the front or just tuck it in. This look is absolutley perfect for a night on the club. 


Jul 24, 2013

Look of the Week: Vanessa Hudgens

Today's look of the week is no other than miss Vanessa Hudgens and her glorious jumpsuit. I mean it had to be this outfit. It looks from another planet in the very good way. Everything fits the fabric is gorgeous, her hair is perfect, and her makeup is flawless. She just looks INCREDIBLE.

Jumpsuit: Jenny Packham
Clutch: Jimmy Choo
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Where: The Frozen Ground Premiere London, UK

Jul 23, 2013

Beauty Trend: White Manicure

The white manicure has been going on for a while and as the white shoes it has been a major trend. Something about the white has celebs going crazy for it. Maybe it's because this color looks so much more classic and elegant and looks very chic and at the same time is very unique specially on the nails. For today's beauty trend we have choosen the white manicure and here are some examples:

So our suggestions for the nail polish you'll use to do a white mani are three but really any white polish will work so you just go with the best brand for you or the one brand you really like. 
First we have the essie nail polish this one is about $17-$21 depending where you buy it. The second one is NARS from Nars cosmetics very good brand but it can be a little out of budget this one ranges a price from $19-$22 or $23 it's a little much for only one nail polish but it's a really good brand. The third is Deborah Lippmann that's about $17. 

Jul 22, 2013

Fashion Special: Comic Con 2013

The COMIC CON was a major hit this weekend full of the hollywoods hottest celebs. But even thought we love all of the movies and series we also love the FASHION. Things can get a little weird with fashion on the COMIC CON days but some stars did go the right way. Let's see some of our favorites Comic Con best dressed

To start we have this amazing group of beautiful girls that look absolutley gorgeous on the Comic Con weekend. First we have Lily Collins who looks AMAZING in her two piece bare mid set in black and white. Second is Minka Kelly who looks very elegant and chic something not very common in the Comic Con. The dress is beautiful and her shoes are to die for. The third one is Miss Emilia Clarke who looks really HOT in red. A really sexy dress with some see through lines in the right spots and some red shoes. 

Our fourth look is the gorgeous Yvonne Strahovski looking nothing but pure style in that print. Is really an amazing dress. The number five is no other than Jennifer Lawrence looking so young and cool in this two piece ensemble going for the black and white also. And last but not least is Zoe Saldana looking great in a nice elegant one piece jumpsuit and her hair back showing her beautiful face and looking nothing but perfect in that jumpsuit. 


Jul 21, 2013

Casual Celebs

For Casual Celebs of this week we have an amazing TRIO Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens and Kristin Cavallari. Three beautiful girls with a great sense of fashion.

Demi Lovato
She looks great better than ever in a nice light wash denim shirt and some skinny ripped jeans pair with cowboy boots. For our recreation we used a nice H&M denim shirt at $30 very budget friendly and some dark wash skinny's from Wetseal also $30. Is a nice easy to pull look and very comfy and chic at the same time.  
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa has been having a couple of fashionista days lately she's been none stop with great outfits but we still catch her in something a lil more casual while she was shopping in London. A nice boho white pearl dress paired with black pointy heels. For the dress we choose a TopShop waterfall dress at $90 very beautiful and girly. The shoes we go for some black suede high heels very similar to Vanessa's. 
Kristin Cavallari 
The ex-reality show star is always a fashionista she's obviously into fashion and she looks damn good in her white pants and beige tank. to do her simple look we go for some Forever 21 soft skinny's and a back knitted tank thats really pretty. The shoes are white as same as Kristin we didn't change that and they are in my opinion even prettier they're Steve Madden at $50

Fashion Star: Pippa Middleton

Our Fashion Star pick for today is the almost auntie Pippa Middleton. Pippa may not have had the prince like her sister but she did have something else; A FASHION SENSE & WARDROBE. I mean this girl aint fooling around with clothes and that makes her a FASHION STAR; at least for us and for today. We have picked three of Pippas outfit to give us some fashion inspiration as we always do. 

This look is stunning and Pippa looks smoking HOT on it so this was a must on FS. For this look we choose this amazing stripe dress just like Pippas is a little diferent of course but is as much pretty as the other. This dress we pick is only $40 at JC Penny. For the shoes we went for the same color a nude one and is a braid strap wedge sandal. 

This second look we choose it because is really diferent from what she wears meaning the printed pants. They look awesome and so does she. For this set we decided to use the same pants they're only $180 is not that much for her. But if you're on a low budget you might wanna consider going for a much cheaper pair of pants. 

This look is very summer season you have the knitted dress and a denim jacket it feels very summer likely. For the dress we used a H&M knitted dress at $38 and a light wash denim jacket from TopShop. We also decided to use white shoes like she did.